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Re: [PATCH] Make tests more flexible

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003 09:40:14 -0500, Fernando Nasser <> said:

> I see a few other files with the

> set srcfile ${srcdir}/${subdir}/${testfile}.c

> line.  They should be breaking runs with "different test tree
> configurations" as well.

> display.exp:set srcfile  ${srcdir}/${subdir}/${testfile}.c
> long_long.exp:set srcfile ${srcdir}/${subdir}/${testfile}.c
> mips_pro.exp:set srcfile ${srcdir}/$subdir/${testfile}.c
> overlays.exp:set srcfile ${srcdir}/${subdir}/${testfile}.c
> relocate.exp:set srcfile ${srcdir}/${subdir}/${testfile}.c
> setshow.exp:set srcfile ${srcdir}/${subdir}/${testfile}.c
> step-line.exp:set srcfile ${srcdir}/${subdir}/${testfile}.c
> step-test.exp:set srcfile ${srcdir}/${subdir}/${testfile}.c

For what it's worth, all those files pass for me.  But that doesn't
mean much; they might not use srcfile in ways that trigger this
particular bug, and one of them (overlays.exp) doesn't actually do
anything on my platform.  So we might as well convert them all to use
the proper definition of srcfile, it seems to me.

David Carlton

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