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Patches to improve Fortran support

I have two patches that are fairly useful to basic Fortran usage
for gdb-5.2 and gdb-5.3

Problem 1: Fortran array access problems..  Presently gdb allocates an
entire copy of the array and then fills it, before looking for the
required value.  This patch changes the behaviour to be more like the
C code and just allocates and copies the value required..

This solves a pretty major problem where an array is passed as a
parameter to a function with an underspecified dimension (ie. real
(10:*) ) because the * is translated to '-1' which then completely
screws up the allocation of memory..  This previously would mean that
you couldn't access data in a function where the array was passed like
this; it also eliminates the SEG faults caused when it previously
tried to allocate a negative amount of memory (ie. sizeof(real) * 10 *

Problem 2: printing an array prints too many elements for
multi-dimensional arrays.  This patch limits the number of elements
printed to the same number that a single-dimensioned array prints.
NB. similar patch required for C, but this is less frequently used.


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