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Re: [RFC] Update to current automake/autoconf/libtool versions(take 2)

Klee Dienes <> writes:

> The original theory was that I was trying to keep the diffs to a
> minimum, and that once the switch was flipped on 2.x, we could go back
> and make a lot of more interesting cleanups to the configure scripts.

That's fair...

> But I think you're right that my changes ended up complicated enough
> that I should just replace them with the modern versions; I'll do
> that.

It may actually make sense to do the replacement as a separate patch,
introducing a shared aclocal.m4 fragment that backports
AC_NO_EXECUTABLES or similar to 2.13.  Put that in first, and your
diffs for the 2.5x conversion get quite a bit simpler.

> I didn't disable the config.cache in the top-level scripts; it's
> just that the new default is for autoconf to use a null cache file
> unless configured with '-C'.

I may have misunderstood your patch but I got the definite impression
that you dropped out the only bit that passes down the top-level
--cache-file setting to the sub-configures.  Which would mean, even if
the top level was run with -C, the sub-configures would use no cache
file, and wouldn't share caches if they did.

The change of default is wrong, but that's not your fault.

>  I did disable the target config.cache, because there were places
> where things really were being run with different flags between runs
> (for example, the value of libstdcxx_flags varies by directory), and
> fixing that seemed beyond the scope of the initial conversion to 2.5x.

Yeah, that's reasonable.  We'll want it back eventually though.


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