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[RFC] Update to current automake/autoconf/libtool versions (take 2)

The following is the current state-of-the art of my autoconf-2.5x conversion of the gcc/gdb/binutils repositories. It updates the following directories:

common: libiberty
src: bfd binutils gas gdb gprof ld mmalloc opcodes rda sim utils
gcc: boehm-gc fastjar gcc libf2c libffi libjava libobjc libstdc++-v3 zlib

It does *not* update the following directories:

common: include texinfo config etc contrib
src: blt cgen cpu dejagnu expect intl itcl iwidgets libgloss libgui newlib readline tcl tk winsup sid"
gcc: libbanshee libchill libio libmudflap libstdc++"

I used the following versions of the various tools:

libtool: 1.4e (top-of-tree, with the attached patch)
autoconf: 2.57 (with the attached patch)
automake: 1.7.2
gettext: 0.11.5
autogen: 5.5

The attached archive contains the following files:

ChangeLog: Script to convert to autotools-2.5x and build an uberbaum tree
autoconf.txt: Fixes to autoconf-2.57 required by this patch.
common-diffs.txt Patches to directories shared by 'src' and gcc.
gcc-diffs.txt Patches to the gcc directories.
libtool-diffs.txt Patch to libtool-1.4e required by this patch.
src-diffs.txt Patches to the 'src' directories.
top-diffs.txt Patches to top-level files in both 'src' and gcc.

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To run, first read through, and make sure it won't do anything you don't want it to do on your system. Then set the values of src_gcc, src_src, and dst_root, and run The script will rsync the checked-out gcc and src sources into a new directory, apply the patches, and run autoreconf on all the appropriate directories.

I've built directory on i386-unknown-linux-gnu native, targetted to powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu, and natively on i686-pc-cygwin (I got some errors building winsup on cygwin, but they were the same errors I got from the unmodified sources). I've *not* run extensive tests on the resulting builds --- I'm willing to do that, but it seemed a bit early at this stage.

I did not attempt to make the patches compatible with both autoconf-2.13 and autoconf-2.5x --- I suspect that would be a significant challenge, and converting to automake-1.7 and autoconf-2.5x was difficult enough.

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