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Re: [RFC]: win32-nat.c better handling of DLL relocation

On Sat, Jan 11, 2003 at 03:52:09PM -0000, Raoul Gough wrote:
>win32-nat.c currently only passes the loaded address of the .text
>section into symbol_file_add, which means that any symbols from .data
>or .bss don't get fixed up properly. This patch fixes the problem by
>calculating the load addresses of all sections known to bfd.
>I recently posted a test case which demonstrates the relocation
>problem in the "coffread.c extension" thread (message ID
>avejk1$lv6$, posted 7 Jan 2003 13:10:49 -0000). This
>showed that gdb 5.2.1 didn't handle any DLL symbol relocations. The
>current CVS version only handles the .text section. With this patch,
>it handles all sections correctly.
>Raoul Gough.

>2003-01-10  Raoul Gough  <>
> 	* win32-nat.c(get_relocated_section_addrs): New function. Find
>	section load addresses for symbol handling in relocated DLLs.
>	(solib_symbols_add): Open a bfd and call get_relocated_section_addrs.

I took a quick glance.  Looks good.  Now we just need that pesky

<idle musing>I wonder if there is some way to do all of this assignment stuff
electronically.  It seems silly that we still have to rely on paper for this
kind of thing.</idle musing>


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