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[rfa] gdb.texinfo: new release tarball commands

This patch updates gdbint.texinfo with the new instructions for making
a release tarball.  This is version #2 of this patch.

This time, I removed the whole section "Configuring @value{GDBN} for
Release".  Also, I added instructions for older versions of gdb which
do not have @file{src-release} (gdb 5.3.1 and older).

Note that more people than the release manager need this information.
I wrote this patch because I needed to know how snapshot tarballs were
made in order to debug a problem with testsuite/gdb.c++ files inside
the current snapshots.

Testing: I followed the instructions on gdb HEAD, gdb gdb_5_3-branch,
insight HEAD, insight gdb_5_3-banch, and dejagnu HEAD.  They worked.

OK to apply?

Michael C

2003-01-09  Michael Chastain  <>

	* gdbint.texinfo (Configuring @value{GDBN} for Release): Delete.
	(Create a Release): Add new instructions for new @file{src-release}.
	Document existing instructions for @file{} as
	being for @value{GDBN} 5.3.1 or earlier.

Index: gdbint.texinfo
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gdb/doc/gdbint.texinfo,v
retrieving revision 1.115
diff -u -r1.115 gdbint.texinfo
--- gdbint.texinfo	9 Jan 2003 18:46:02 -0000	1.115
+++ gdbint.texinfo	10 Jan 2003 20:03:37 -0000
@@ -5396,62 +5396,6 @@
 @end itemize
-@section Configuring @value{GDBN} for Release
-@cindex preparing a release
-@cindex making a distribution tarball
-From the top level directory (containing @file{gdb}, @file{bfd},
-@file{libiberty}, and so on):
-make -f gdb.tar.gz
-@end smallexample
-This will properly configure, clean, rebuild any files that are
-distributed pre-built (e.g. @file{} or @file{}),
-and will then make a tarfile.  (If the top level directory has already
-been configured, you can just do @code{make gdb.tar.gz} instead.)
-This procedure requires:
-@itemize @bullet
-symbolic links;
-@code{makeinfo} (texinfo2 level);
-@code{yacc} or @code{bison}.
-@end itemize
-@dots{} and the usual slew of utilities (@code{sed}, @code{tar}, etc.).
-@file{gdb.texinfo} is currently marked up using the texinfo-2 macros,
-which are not yet a default for anything (but we have to start using
-them sometime).
-For making paper, the only thing this implies is the right generation of
-@file{texinfo.tex} needs to be included in the distribution.
-For making info files, however, rather than duplicating the texinfo2
-distribution, generate @file{gdb-all.texinfo} locally, and include the
-files @file{*} in the distribution.  Note the plural;
-@code{makeinfo} will split the document into one overall file and five
-or so included files.
 @node Releasing GDB
 @chapter Releasing @value{GDBN}
@@ -5983,6 +5927,17 @@
 @subsubheading Do the dirty work
 This is identical to the process used to create the daily snapshot.
+$  for m in gdb insight
+( cd $m/src && gmake -f src-release $m.tar )
+$  ( m=dejagnu; cd $m/src && gmake -f src-release $m.tar.bz2 )
+@end smallexample
+If the top level source directory does not have @file{src-release}
+(@value{GDBN} version 5.3.1 or earlier), try these commands instead.
 $  for m in gdb insight

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