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Re: RFC: Mostly kill FRAME_CHAIN_VALID, add user knob


Much of this is superseeded by the frame overhaul - in particular the introduction of frame_id_unwind(). The new code doesn't even call frame chain valid!

Perhaphs wait for the attached [wip] to be committed and then tweak that to match your proposed policy (we can then just deprecate FRAME_CHAIN_VALID_P :-). However, making the change in parallel wouldn't hurt.

Looking at my WIP, I'll need to tweak the code segment:

+ prev_frame->pc = frame_pc_unwind (next_frame);
+ if (prev_frame->pc == 0)
+ /* The allocated PREV_FRAME will be reclaimed when the frame
+ obstack is next purged. */
+ return NULL;
+ prev_frame->type = frame_type_from_pc (prev_frame->pc);

so that it checks for where the PC resides and abort accordingly.

The attached is WIP since I still need to see it working once :-)

[Small wonder if you haven't pushed the call to FRAME_CHAIN_VALID
somewhere... that's the same sort of thing that confuses me about all
of your frame changes...]
Sorry, I'm lost.


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