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Stabs compilers (I only checked GCC and Sun Workshop CC, but those are the
two major ones) emit the call-as type in the debug information. I.E. an
unprototyped function taking a float argument will have a type signature
that says it takes a double. So the easy thing to do for stabs is to set
TYPE_FLAG_PROTOTYPED always, with appropriate commentary. I've done this. It caused a minor bit of testsuite churn, since some ()'s became (void)'s; I
think that's OK, we know they are really void functions anyway.
Can you expand a bit here. When exactly do the () become (void)? Looking at the changes to stabs, mdebug and hpread it appears to reverse the default for all non dwarf* cases - assume prototyped rather than un-prototyped? That's a pretty radical change and needs to be clearly spelt out in at least the NEWS file.

(Like many people I'm back from a break and am only just getting to these e-mails. This is probably why there were few responses earlier.)


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