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z8k sim breakage


I suspect the change:

2002-12-13 Alan Modra <>

* h8500-opc.h (h8500_table): Add missing initializers to quiet
* pj-dis.c (print_insn_pj): Adjust for pj_opc_info_t change.
* pj-opc.c (pj_opc_info): Add braces around union initializer.
* z8kgen.c: Include "libiberty.h".
(opt, args, toks): Fix initializer warnings.
(chewname): Make "name" a char **. Return mnemonic trimmed of
(gas): Improve emitted "DO NOT EDIT" warning. Format emitted
opcode_entry_type, and make "nicename" and "name" const. Make
z8k_table const too. Formatting. Generate idx as gas needs it.
* z8k-opc.h: Regenerate.

broke the building of sim/z8k vis:

$ make
gcc -c -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DPROFILE=1 -DWITH_PROFILE=-1 -DDEFAULT_INLINE=0 -I/notnfs/cagney/GDB/src/sim/z8k/../../newlib/libc/sys/z8k -I. -I/notnfs/cagney/GDB/src/sim/z8k -I../common -I/notnfs/cagney/GDB/src/sim/z8k/../common -I../../include -I/notnfs/cagney/GDB/src/sim/z8k/../../include -I../../bfd -I/notnfs/cagney/GDB/src/sim/z8k/../../bfd -I../../opcodes -I/notnfs/cagney/GDB/src/sim/z8k/../../opcodes -I../../intl -I/notnfs/cagney/GDB/src/sim/z8k/../../intl -g -O2 /notnfs/cagney/GDB/src/sim/z8k/comped3.c
In file included from /notnfs/cagney/GDB/src/sim/z8k/comped3.c:26:
tc-gen3.h:68: redefinition of `sfop_2'
tc-gen3.h:46: `sfop_2' previously defined here
tc-gen3.h:91: redefinition of `sfop_2'
tc-gen3.h:68: `sfop_2' previously defined here

That sim's writecode program drags in the opcodes table and then uses it to generate part of the simulator (hence my suspicion). I'm still trying to figure out how that `wonderful' code works.

Anyway, off hand, what exactly did you change here? (perhaphs that will explain what went wrong)
Also, was it because of a reported z8k bug or just a cleanup? (i'm also looking for evidence of z8k life)


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