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Re: [RFC] Re: Profiling gdb?

Perhaps some other time.  I do _use_ monstartup, however.

This patch should address all comments from the last three times this
came up.  I chose to use monstartup/_mcleanup instead of using
moncontrol; when someone wants to use this on a system without those
functions, _then_ we can decide how to handle it.  That's just my
opinion though.  What I've done should work for at least GNU/Linux and
FreeBSD, and that's enough to be useful.  It only comes in if you
configure it on, anyway.

It works like a charm; absolutely beautifully.  Thoughts, all?
(Unfortunatly, I've also leant a few things about how profiling works ... :-().

I think the commands should always be present - conditional on the corresponding function being present. Enabling / disabling the profiler is orthogonal to compiling with -pg. I'm not sure about the unpublished _moncleanup() call. Are you sure of monstartup()'s function signature (ari doesn't like the extern declarations but there isn't a header file :-().

I also suspect that more explict commands such as:

moncontrol on/off
monstartup [ <start> <end> ]

would be better. The person using this feature will need to know how it is implemented anyway.

(Did Jason Molenda, have something to do with the original patch?)


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