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Re: [RFA] Fix a "pc ... in psymtab but not in symtab" internal error warning

> > 2003-01-03  J. Brobecker  <>
> > 
> >         * mdebugread.c (parse_symbol): Skip stProc entries which storage
> >         class is not scText. These do not define "real" procedures.
> >         (parse_partial_symbols): Likewise.
> > 
> > Ahem, ok to commit?
> Yes, I think so.  Meanwhile, I recommend:
> I imagine they've got a C++ compiler available; yeah, it's a bit of a
> nuisance to use their systems, but...

Ok, I have tested my change in one of their machines. Announcement: I
had to install gcc + dejagnu there, so if anyone is interested: I
installed GNAT 3.16w (2.8.1 based) + dejagnu in /house/brobecke/osf/bin.

My change did not show any regression in the C++ directory (did not run
the other tests), although as Daniel suggested, the results are rather
modest. For the record:

        # of expected passes            878
        # of unexpected failures        276
        # of expected failures          7
        # of unresolved testcases       33

Here is a new patch, with the comments a bit expanded, as recommended
by Elena.

Should I check this in?


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