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Re: RFC: gdb_test_multiple

Sounds great.  I am running a Sunday build+test now, which will finish
Sunday evening.  Then this will be next on my work list.  Among other
things, I will test it with both tcl/expect/dejagnu stacks
(the stock releases that I use / the sourceware dejagnu package,
which has its own version of tcl and expect).

> See the _gdb_message bit?  That, _gdb_command, and _gdb_result are set
> in the caller's scope.

Will this work with nested gdb_test_multiple's?  People do that occasionally,
although personally I eschew the practice.
> A friend of mine got so fed up with TCL that he rewrote DejaGNU in
> Perl, which he's planning to publish in the next couple of weeks.
> I can see why.

I would be very interested in that but it's a separate line item.

One note about the implementation: could you rename gdb_standard_send
to _gdb_standard_send or gdb_internal_standard_send or something else
that puts more psychological differnce between the exported functions
and the internal functions.

Michael C

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