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Re: PATCH/testsuite: Fix store.exp

All right!  This is great, this kills a whole bunch of non-PASS results.

I have been getting 12 ERRORs on each run in my test bed.  My test bed is
all standard released stuff, not sourceware stuff:

  tcl 8.4.1
  expect 5.38.0
  dejagnu 1.4.3

I also got 12 ERRORs with tcl 8.3.4 + expect 5.33.0.

I tried the sourceware tcl + sourceware expect + sourceware dejagnu
stack and did not get any ERRORs.  That's probably why other people
are not seeing a problem.

I separated out dejagnu -- that is not the problem.  I didn't get as far
as figuring out whether the errors come from different tcl or different
expect.  I suspect that the difference is in the tcl string parser and
how it quotes stuff.  TCL loves to mess with its quoting conventions on
every minor release.

> FAIL: gdb.base/store.exp: new up struct 1
> FAIL: gdb.base/store.exp: new up struct 2

I got those as well, when I tried sourceware tcl + sourceware expect.

Anyways ... I just updated and cranked my test bed.  All the ERRORs
and UNRESOLVED's are gone.  I am getting that pair of FAILs when
gcc=2.95.3, both dwarf-2 and stabs+.  I got no FAILs for gcc=3.*.

Michael C

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