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(committed) don't let real targets depend on phony ones (top level)

(Patch) Attempt to get src-release working again

(patch) configure-configure -> Makefile-Makefile

(patches, committed)

Re: (top level patch) Autoconfiscate. (Woo!)

(top level patch) Autoconfiscate. (Woo!)

(toplevel patch) add to clean target

(toplevel patch) Addendum to patch: Real make targets for configure-target-*

(toplevel patch) Clean up sed

(toplevel patch) Configure host subdirs in Makefile, optionally.

(toplevel patch) Configure in Makefile version 2

(toplevel patch) Configure in Makefile, version 3.

(toplevel patch) Deal with multilib.out. Really.

Re: (toplevel patch) Dependency tidy.

(toplevel patch) drop tclX

Re: (toplevel patch) Fix multilib.out dependencies and related problems

(toplevel patch) Fix multilib.out dependencies and related problems.

Re: (toplevel patch) Fix multilib.out dependencies and relatedproblems

(toplevel patch) Fix reconfigures & infinite loops

(toplevel patch) host subconfigures in Makefile, fixed version

(toplevel patch) Make subconfigures run serially

(toplevel patch) Makefile.tpl reorg/cleanup

(toplevel patch) more autoconf-style substitutions

(toplevel patch) Move gcc_version_trigger from configure to

(toplevel patch) move-if-change multilib.out

(toplevel patch) Real make targets for configure-build-*

(toplevel patch) Real make targets for configure-target-*

(toplevel patch) Really correct version of the multilib.out patch.

Re: (toplevel patch) Remove 'vault' targets

(toplevel patch) rename buildargs,hostargs,targargs

(toplevel patch) Run host subconfigures from the Makefile.

(toplevel patch) simplify configure

(toplevel) Don't look for unprefixed tools unless they're appropriate

(toplevel) Fix dramatic breakage for ordinary crosses (related to program_transform_name)

Re: (toplevel) Fix dramatic breakage for ordinary crosses (relatedto program_transform_name)

Re: (toplevel) introduce host subdir configuration in Makefile

(toplevel) remove squirelly path setting

(toplevel) Support for host subconfigure in Makefile, part

(toplevel, committed) Fix use of $program_transform_name

(toplevel, committed) Missing space in multilib.out rule

Re: 5.3 branch frozen

5.3 branch unfrozen

[5.3] Doco PR gdb/725

[5.3] Fix -Werror problems in sim directory

[5.3] Mention shlib/thread improvement

[5.3] Za ref to PR 725.

[applied mips sim patch] fix mips

[commit/5.3] Remove those intl/ droppings

[commit/multiarch] more macros converted into functions for hppa

[commit/multiarch] setup gdbarch vector for hppa targets

[commit/testsuite] gdb.c++/annota2.exp: Add copyright year 2002.

[commit] Add get_frame_extra_info()

[commit] deprecate existing get_frame_saved_regs()

[commit] Dump the value of the gdbarch predicates

[commit] fix compilation error in hppa-tdep.c (hppa_pop_frame)

[commit] Fix floatformat printing in

[commit] Fix HP/UX build failure + kill some compilation warnings

[commit] Fix some werror fallout from INIT_FRAME_PC()

[commit] frame_extra_info_zalloc()

[commit] hppa-hpux: IN_SIGTRAMP -> PC_IN_SIGTRAMP

[commit] hppa64-hpux: s/boolean/int/ to fix a build failure

Re: [commit] New method find_frame_sal()

[commit] Print MALLOC_NAME as a string

Re: [commit] Print the name of the float-format

[commit] remove unused SNAP1 and SNAP2 macros in tm-hppah.h

[commit] s/boolean/int/ in xcoffread.c

[commit] Some get_frame_base() instead of frame->frame

[commit] Some get_frame_pc() / get_frame_saved_regs() calls

[commit] Some get_frame_pc() instead of frame->pc.

[commit] Update PC and FRAME hacks.

[commit] Use get_frame_pc() and get_frame_saved_regs()

[commit] Use get_next_frame() instead of frame->next

[commit] Zap obsolete targets

[commit] Zap obsolete testsuite code

[commit] Zap stray PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY

Re: [Committed] More fixes for m68k-linux

Re: [Fwd: Re: [Fwd: Re: gdb/725: Crash using debug target and regcaches (in 5.3 branch?)]]

Re: [Fwd: Re: [Fwd: Re: gdb/725: Crash using debug target and regcaches(in 5.3 branch?)]]

Re: [ PATCH: Fix restarting breakpoint (Re: gdb 5.2 removes the conditional breakpoints)]

[Jim Blandy <>] RFA: Add tests for lookup_symbol_aux bug

[Jim Blandy <>] RFA: Check that `Local' is not in scope when it shouldn't be

[Jim Blandy <>] RFA: testsuite: attach.exp: don't move executables to /tmp

Re: [Jim Blandy <>] RFA: testsuite: attach.exp: don'tmove executables to /tmp

[Jim Blandy <>] RFA: testsuite: pass optimization flag in the proper way

Re: [Jim Blandy <>] RFA: testsuite: pass optimizationflag in the proper way

[maint/5.3] gdb.c++

[maint] Global Maintainers responsible for Java

[mips sim patch] remove check_branch_bug()/mark_branch_bug().

Re: [PATCH RFA/RFC] Address class support

Re: [PATCH RFA] Create new file mips-tdep.h

[patch/rfc[ Deprecate INIT_FRAME_PC_FIRST

[patch/rfc] Add get_frame_saved_regs() and get_frame_saved_regs_p()

[patch/rfc] Add get_*() to rs6000-tdep.c

Re: [patch/rfc] Add get_frame_saved_regs() and get_frame_saved_regs_p()

[patch/rfc] Change floatformat's exp_bias to an int

[patch/rfc] Deprecate INIT_FRAME_PC

Re: [patch/rfc] Deprecate PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY

[patch/rfc] Eliminate set_current_frame()

[patch/rfc] Flesh out struct frame_id

[patch/rfc] frame_id_unwind()


Re: [PATCH/RFC] interpreters part 2: start up

[patch/rfc] Revised

[patch/rfc] step_frame_address -> step_frame_id

[patch/rfc] Unwind the PC first when creating a frame

[patch/rfc] Zap obsolete code in files

[PATCH] Add machine type to gdbarch_register_osbi

[PATCH] Added verbosity to dwarf2*

[PATCH] Allow cross builds for cygwin-targeted readline.

[PATCH] Avoid building libtermcap for cygwin if it doesn't exist

[PATCH] Cleanup (1/n)

[PATCH] Cleanup (2/n)

[patch] delete namespace __gnu_test from C++ testsuite

[patch] doc/*.texi: Fix typos.

[PATCH] exec.c: print_section_info() format string fixes

[patch] fdl.texi: Revert the last change.

[PATCH] fix -Werrors from new readline

[PATCH] fix broken tty command on cygwin

[PATCH] fix some warnings

[PATCH] fix typo in tuiStack.c

[PATCH] Get rid of DEPRECATED_PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY in i386-tdep.c

[PATCH] Get rid of redundant ISATTY definitions

[PATCH] improved error message

[patch] include/gdb/sim-h8300.h: Remove ^M.

[PATCH] Integrate x86-64 and i386 targets

[patch] kfail gdb.c++/annota2.exp annotate-quit

[patch] m32r-stub.c

[PATCH] Make thread-db.o ignore -Werror

[PATCH] Merge of readline 4.3 to mainline

[PATCH] mips-tdep.c: Fix bug introduced at time of NUM_REGS multiarch



[PATCH] readline warning fixes

[PATCH] Rewrite testsuite/

[patch] sim/h8300/*.[ch]: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] solib-svr4.c: Add DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP support for 64-bit targets

[patch] switch defs.h and readline/tilde.h includes

[PATCH] Turn off shared library builds in readline

[PATCH]: Add expected type to hand_function_call

[PATCH]: Fix warnings in objc-lang.c

Re: [PATCH]: gdb/769 - segv fault on "info shared" on GDB 5.2.1 HPUX64 11.00

[PATCH]: objc-exp.y compiler warnings

[repost] Re: RFC: support debug info in separate files

[rfa+testsuite] don't search off the end of partial symbol tables

[RFA/breakpoint] Fix errors from disabled watchpoints

[rfa/breakpoint] Use a frame ID instead of a frame

[RFA/commit] Add new file hppa-hpux-tdep.c

[rfa/i386] Make codestream deprecated?

Re: [RFA/PATCH] Add new osabis enums for hppa

[RFA/PATCH] breakpoint.c: fix until command

Re: [RFA/PATCH] Detect osabi in hppa gdbarch init

[rfa/testsuite] gdb.base/selftest.exp: work with optimization

Re: [RFA/testsuite] Handle MIPS in step-test.exp

Re: [rfa/testsuite] make annota1 regexps more generous

[RFA/testsuite] New 'until' tests

Re: [RFA/testsuite] Shorten the maint.exp symbols tests

[RFA/testsuite] Suppress errors building thread tests

Re: [rfa/testsuite] Test GDB's ability to store values in registers

Re: [RFA/testsuite] Test printing complex numbers in C

Re: [RFA/testsuite] Update selftest.exp

Re: [RFA] Add stabs entries for coalesced symbols.

[RFA] Add support for 64-bit MIPS GNU/Linux targets

[RFA] Added verbosity to dwarf2*

Re: [RFA] AiX: enable thread support only if libpthdebug is recent enough

Re: [RFA] arm_extract_return_value, big-endian

[RFA] Artifical dwarf2 debug info

[rfa] delete 'force_return' from lookup_symbol_aux_minsyms

[rfa] delete duplicate definition of DEPRECATED_PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY

[RFA] dwarf2read.c: complain() -> complaint()

[RFA] Fix a memory corruption in mdebugread.c

[RFA] Fix a small memory leak in bpstat_stop_status

Re: [RFA] Fix gdb/669 (fwd)

[RFA] fix gdb/901 - attach to process running as service on Windows

[RFA] Fix the spurious failures on H8/300 port.

Re: [RFA] gdb.base/shr1.c: Avoid preprocessor conflict on IRIX

[RFA] lin-lwp.c: more printf debugging

[RFA] lin-lwp.c: Remove ``const'' from strsignal() declaration

Re: [rfa] linespec.c, part 5

[rfa] linespec.c, part 6

[rfa] linespec.c, part 7

Re: [rfa] lookup_symbol_aux_minsym

[rfa] more lookup_symbol_aux_minsyms futzing

[RFA] Multiarch NUM_REGS for MIPS

[RFA] New function type_code_name.

[RFA] port simple gdb.threads/schedlock.c test fix to branch

[rfa] remove dependency of on

[rfa] rename p-exp.y's TRUE/FALSE

Re: [rfa] search for fields of this correctly, PR gdb/804

[rfa] set demangled names of partial symbols

[RFA] sim/h8300/compile.c: Fix the handling of extu.w.

[rfa] store.exp failures

[RFA] Use hash to speed up BINCL/INCL processing.

Re: [RFC/PATCH] interpreters part 1: new files

[RFC/RFA] GDB crash when using command lines due to memory corruption

Re: [RFC] Correct gdbserver register packets

[rfc] Don't thwack frame->pc in infun.c (DECR_PC_AFTER_BREAK)

[RFC] Replace complain() with complaint()

Re: [RFC] Update to current automake/autoconf/libtool versions

[RFC] Update to current automake/autoconf/libtool versions.

[toplevel] libstdcxx_incdir not substituted

[wip] Final opaque frame changes

[wip] Unwind PC first

[wip] Unwind the PC first

AC_NO_EXECUTABLES is useless for GCC

ARM PATCH fix extract_return_value and store_return_value

ARM/NetBSD PATCH Clean up JB_...

Configure serialization & company

Re: re-re-re-re-configuring

fix re-re-re-configure

gdb --args mishandles empty arguments

gdb patch to suppress empty lines, re-visited

Re: gdb tx39-elf configuration doesn't compile, multi-arch lossage?

gdb-5.3: dependency on bfd/bfd.h in gdb/Makefile [PATCH]

Incomplete last line, gdb/testsuite/gdb.hp/gdb.aCC/optimize.c

non-contiguous files break dwarf2 init-file recognition


RE: PATCH : H8300 Simulator File I/O Implementation

Patch for PR cli/877

Re: PATCH for Re: Problems with floatformat on Alpha

patch to gdbserver for names instead of pid numbers

Patch to improve behavior of gdb with -fullname

PATCH: Fork event updates, part the eighth

PATCH: Fork event updates, part the eleventh

PATCH: Fork event updates, part the fifth

PATCH: Fork event updates, part the fourth

PATCH: Fork event updates, part the ninth

PATCH: Fork event updates, part the seventh

PATCH: Fork event updates, part the sixth

PATCH: Fork event updates, part the tenth

PATCH: Fork event updates, part the twelfth

Patch: gdb/config/pa/nm-hppah.h: Warning removal

Patch: gdb/hppa-tdep.c fix compilation.

Re: PATCH: Remove unnecessary zero-initializations

Re: PING [RFA] DWARF-2, static data members

Ping on ObjC Patches

Re: Proposed patch for gdb/mi 741

Re: ptype bug RESEND

Recent MI patches broke the testsuite

Re: RFA: add testsuite function for answering internal error questions

Re: RFA: Allow set/display of e500 accumulator and status registers.

RFA: Rename remote protocol's CRC function

RFA[testsuite]: Fork event updates, part the fourteenth

RFA[threads]: Fork event updates, part the fifteenth

RFA[threads]: Fork event updates, part the thirteenth

RFC/gdbarch: Make OS ABI a real member of the gdbarch

RFC: "set osabi"

Re: RFC: allow syms_from_objfile to take a section offset table directly

RFC: gdb.c++/main-falloff.exp (a new KFAIL)

RFC: Mostly kill FRAME_CHAIN_VALID, add user knob

RFC: print better messages for separate debug info


Re: RFC: support debug info in separate files

sim/gdb dependency

Re: sim/mips patch: add support for more NEC VR targets

subdir/toplevel dependence (was Re: (toplevel)...)

Re: Sumbitting ip2k port for review.

target-rda needs gcc and C library

Re: Two files with embedded control-M's

An unreviewed patch.

Unreviewed PATCH: SH Simulator - MAC.L implementation and MAC.W correction

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