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./ merge

5.2 branch frozen

[5.2.1] huge patch

Re: [5.2.1] quiet warnings for gdbreplay.c

[applied mips sim patch] redo mipsII/mips32 ldc1/sdc1

[applied patch] update lower-level config.{sub,guess}

[applied patch] update top-level config.sub, config.guess.

[CODE DROP/PATCH] GDB Complete FORTRAN95 support

Re: [Fwd: [RFA] __restrict_arr]

[maint/commit] Buildable target updates

[PATCH RFA] dwarf2read.c: Accommodate older 64-bit DWARF2 format

[PATCH RFC/RFA] Use ui_out cleanups in breakpoint.c

[PATCH RFC] AIX thread support

[PATCH RFC] AIX thread support configury changes

[PATCH RFC] Use ui_out cleanups in cli-setshow.c

[patch/5.2/commit] Zap __func__

[patch/comit] regcache read/write -> regcache raw read/write

[patch/comiting] Some ``char *'' -> ``const void *'' in regcache

[patch/commit] Mention 5.2.1 on mainline

[patch/commit] Mention obsolete d30v in NEWS file

[patch/commit] Re-enable, 5.2 branch unfrozen

[patch/commiting] extract signed/unsigned integer (const ...)

[patch/ob] Fix longjmp clober in sim-resume.c

[patch/ob] Handle frv vs fr32 8.3 nameclash in bfd directory

[patch/ob] Zap __func__ from dwarf2cfi

[patch/ob] Zap some #include "opstack.h"

[patch/obish] Do not include "gdb_obstack.h" in "symtab.h"

[patch/obish] New file "gdb_obstack.h" part#1

[PATCH/RFA] Add xfail for i386 BSD's

[patch/rfa] Overhaul doc/

[patch/rfc/rfa:sh] gdbarch_register_read() -> gdbarch_cooked_register_read()

[patch/rfc;rfa:sh] gdbarch_register_read() -> gdbarch_pseudo_register_read()

[patch/rfc[ Opaque bcache

[patch/rfc] allocate retbuf with xmalloc() instead of alloca()

[patch/rfc] Enforce 1:1 cooked->raw map for raw register range

[patch/rfc] Obsolete ARC

[patch/rfc] Obsolete CHILL language .....

[patch/rfc] Obsolete fr30

[patch/rfc] Obsolete i[3456]86-*-os9k target

[patch/rfc] Obsolete m88k

[patch/rfc] OBSOLETE the d30v

[patch/sim] Move run.c functions to run-sim.h

[patch] --without-x

[patch] -Werror monitor.c

[PATCH] 64-bit support for Irix 6

[PATCH] ada-lang.c, ada-tasks.c: replace free() and malloc() calls


[PATCH] Add handler for LANG_Ada95 in dwarf2read.c

[Patch] add implementation of stack-info-frame MI command

[PATCH] Add myself to MAINTAINERS file

[PATCH] Add support for "frameless" signals for all i386 targets

[PATCH] aix-thread.c: Delete disabled header includes

[PATCH] aix-thread.c: Don't rely on {FIRST,LAST}_UISA_SP_REGNUM

[PATCH] aix-thread.c: Don't use %llx format

[PATCH] aix-thread.c: Don't use strerror() or realloc()

[PATCH] aix-thread.c: Eliminate #define DEBUG ...

[PATCH] aix-thread.c: Eliminate goto statements / fix array overrun

[PATCH] aix-thread.c: Eliminate some more macros

[patch] change knr function definitions in ada-lang.c, ada-typeprint.c, ada-valprint.c

Re: [patch] change knr function definitions in ada-lang.c, ada-typeprint.c,ada-valprint.c

[patch] changed news file to reflect multi-arching

[PATCH] Check for unistd.h in gdbserver/

[patch] clean up

Re: [patch] cleanup target makefile frag collection in toplevel

[patch] Comment out a label

[PATCH] Configury changes for Irix

[PATCH] Convert i386 target to generic dummy frames

[PATCH] Cross target core debugging: host=i386, Target=PPC

[patch] delete more dead targets at top level

[patch] don't build send-pr,prms,gnats.tar

[PATCH] DW_AT_calling_convention support

[PATCH] DW_AT_calling_convention support REV 2

[PATCH] DWARF support for .debug_loc offsets

[PATCH] Fix compiler warning in i386bsd-tdep.c

[PATCH] Fix compiler warning in mips sim.

[PATCH] Fix DW_OP_deref and DW_OP_deref_size operators in dwarf2cfi.c

Re: [patch] Fix expect build under cygwin + Tcl/Tk 8.3

[Patch] Fix multithread debugging problems on s390

[PATCH] Fix proble

[PATCH] Fix sigtramp recognition for OpenBSD/i386 native GDB

[patch] Fix some K&R isms

[patch] Fix to processing end of function stab in dbxread.c

[PATCH] Fix type in new i386obsd-nat.c file

[PATCH] Formatting fix in i386nbsd-tdep.c

[PATCH] gdbreplay.c

[PATCH] gdbreply on 5.2 branch

[patch] gdbserver for x86-64

[patch] hand_call_function() using a regcache

[PATCH] i386 sigtramp changes

[PATCH] i386 Solaris multi-arch tweaks

[PATCH] i386 Solaris sc_sp_offset definition

[PATCH] Installation buglet

[PATCH] Irix OSABI support

[PATCH] lib/gdb.exp: -o doesn't work with -E on Irix

[PATCH] m68k multi-arch

[patch] m68k multi-arch: clean up tm-m68k file.

[PATCH] Make several functions in i386tdep.c static

[PATCH] mcore multi-arch

[patch] mcore multi-arch

[patch] minor cleanups to toplevel

[patch] Minor doc tweak.

[patch] minor toplevel simplification

[PATCH] mips n64 support, part 1

[PATCH] mips-tdep.c: Add "n64" to "set mips abi" help message

[PATCH] mips_push_arguments(): Save gdbarch_tdep result in local

Re: [PATCH] more m68k multi-arch

[patch] more toplevel tweaks

[patch] no more building apache in the tree!

Re: [PATCH] Recognise Solaris i386 binaries

[patch] Regenerate and configure

Re: [PATCH] remote_rcmd

[PATCH] Remove bogosities from dwarf2cfi.c:cfi_pop_frame()

[PATCH] Remove duplicate functions from i386-linux-tdep.c

[patch] remove references to 'grez'

[PATCH] Remove some dead wood from i386bsd-tdep.c

[patch] Remove unneeded dependency

[PATCH] Renovate IRIX shared library support

[PATCH] rs6000-nat.c: Call target_new_objfile_hook

[PATCH] rs6000-nat.c: Eliminate use of registers[].

[PATCH] rs6000: Add fpscr register support


[PATCH] shlib-call.exp: Set Irix-specific compile/link flags

[patch] sim/

[patch] slight toplevel rearrangment

[patch] small tweak to top level

[patch] Some _initialize renames

[patch] struct regcache versions of EXTRACT_... methods

[PATCH] struct regcache versions of EXTRACT_... methods for i386

[PATCH] Support for multiple DWARF comp unit headers

[patch] target makefile frag collection, REALLY correct.

[patch] top level: blow away bsp, libstub, cygmon

[patch] toplevel configure in target makefrag reorg, final version

[patch] toplevel some skipdirs->noconfigdirs

[patch] toplevel some skipdirs->noconfigdirs take 2

[patch] toplevel remove more references to building emacs

[patch] truely multi-arch mcore

[PATCH] ui-out.c: Remove some unnecessary casts

[patch] unwind support for gdb/ia64

[PATCH] Update OpenBSD/i386 config

[PATCH] utils.c: Revise a couple of internal_error() messages

[patch] Werror leakage

[PATCH] xcoffread.c: Handle variables stored in the TOC

[PATCH]: maintainers file

[PATCHES] remove unneded brace in infrun.c and then re-indent file

Re: [PATCHES] remove unneded brace in infrun.c and then re-indentfile

[rfa/doco] Revise "Include Files" in internals doco

[RFA/PATCH] Fix recognition of NT_PRXFREG notes

[RFA/resubmit] shlib-call.exp: stepping out...

[RFA/TESTSUITE]: readline tests

Re: [rfa:testsuite] Revamp page.exp, stop random failures

[RFA] /sim/h8300/ add dependences

[RFA] 2nd send: Solve the watchpoint failures on second run.

[RFA] __restrict_arr

[RFA] ada-tasks.c: k&r defn cleanup

[RFA] add cmd_func() and cmd_func_p()

[RFA] Add declaration in i386-tdep.h (for interix)

[RFA] annota1.exp: Don't require complete pathname in info break test

[RFA] Avoid Cannot read 0x20000000 on cygwin GDB

Re: [RFA] Better support for DWARF location blocks (was DWARF support for .debug_loc offsets)

[RFA] Better support for DWARF location blocks (was DWARF support for .debug_loc offsets)

Re: [RFA] block_innermost_frame tweak

Re: [RFA] bug fixes for varobj.c

[RFA] Change #3 for aix-thread.c

[RFA] Demangle symbols before lowercasing them instead of after

[RFA] DWARF multiple comp unit header support - Revision - Part 1

[RFA] dwarf2cfi.c improvements

[RFA] enable software single step on alpha-osf

Re: [RFA] Fix calling of static C++ member functions

Re: [RFA] fix disassembly function for ppc

[RFA] gdb.base/shlib-call.exp changes for IRIX

[RFA] gdb.base/shr1.c: Avoid preprocessor conflict on IRIX

[RFA] GDB/622 - clear current breakpoint in commands causes trouble

[RFA] GDB/624 - tbreak commands not executed when breakpoint hit

[RFA] gdb/configure: Add check for sys/proc.h

[RFA] gdbarch changes for mips_abi_n32 on Irix

[RFA] gdbserver bits

[RFA] hardware breakoints in target vector

Re: [RFA] Improve ELF OSABI detection

Re: [RFA] patch -- retired files.

[RFA] Minor changes to proc-api.c for Interix

[RFA] mips-tdep.c: Set mips_default_saved_regsize to 8 for N32

[RFA] mips_push_arguments(): Make O64 ABI test explicit

[RFA] mips_push_arguments: N32/N64 struct arguments

Re: [RFA] Modifications to gdb/testsuite/gdb.base/attach.exp

[RFA] Patch for supportinf DW_TAG_module / FORTRAN modules

[RFA] Set solib_call_trampoline on x86-64

[RFA] sim-h8300.h new file

[RFA] struct context moved

Re: [rfa] Symbol hashing (for the last time?)

Re: [RFA] Tru64 - wrong list of shared libraries

[RFA]: dwarf2expr.[ch]

[RFA]: Fix bug gdb/321

[RFA]: LOC_COMPUTED + abstracted dwarf2 evaluator, again

[RFC/RFA] avoid spurious Watchpoint X output on cygwin native target.

[rfc] #include "gdb_obstack.h"

[RFC] Adding new files, for new port to Interix (Services For Unix)

Re: [RFC] Adding new files, for new port to Interix (Services ForUnix)

[RFC] breakpoints and function prologues...

[RFC] fix for avr_skip_prologue()

[RFC] Implementation of DW_OP_deref and DW_OP_deref_size operators

[RFC] unneeded extra brace in infrun.c (handle_inferior_event)

[wip] ../sim/libsim.a

Adding %ll to ARI

Re: AIX thread support

Another memattr tweak

Another patch to aix-thread.c

ARM simulator: Improve checks for valid XScale instructions

Cygwin native watchpoint limitations.

Re: don't build send-pr,prms,gnats.tar

Fix error check in remote_read_bytes

fourth and last patch to aix-thread.c


MailMonitor for Exchange has processed a suspicious mail

make dvi fails on insight-5.2.1 cygnus patch -- retired files.

Re: minor toplevel simplification

Re: more toplevel tweaks

Need help adding a test in commands.exp


patch for PR gdb/574

Patch to add relative stack level support to stack-select-frameMIcommand

Patch to improve var-evaluate-expression doc

PATCH/C++: Fix vbase lookup for virtual inheritance

PATCH/RFC handle missing DW_AT_comp_dir attribute

PATCH: Fix PR gdb/592, memory leaks in calls

PATCH: gdbserver test harness improvements

PATCH: make expression_context_pc extern

PATCH: Plug a small memleak in valops.c

PATCH: remove newline from error message

Re: Patch: RFA: operate-and-get-next fix

Re: Proposed gdb patch

Race condition in sol-thread.c

Re: RDI code busy-waiting on running target?

Re: Resend: [RFA] Fix problem with i386 watchpoints after restarting

Re: Resend: [RFA] Fix problem with i386 watchpoints after restarting

RFA (testsuite, mi testsuite): Support testing gdbserver

RFA (threads testsuite): More thread tests

RFA: >, >>, and "tee" operators

RFA: Capture value for LDFLAGS from configure script

RFA: Convert to add_setshow_cmd

RFA: gdb/568, messy thread exits

Re: RFA: gettextize jv-exp.y

Re: RFA: handle GDB prompt appearing in command output

RFA: Make cli-out follow gdb_stdout

Re: RFA: programs on stand-alone boards don't exit cleanly

Re: RFA: properly skip interrupts.exp

RFC: initial TLS patch

sh64 simulator register numbers

Re: target makefile frag collection, REALLY correct.

Tools to generate the ARI bug lists

Re: top level: blow away bsp, libstub, cygmon

Unreviewed patches

Re: Waiting for review since April

Which autoheader?

write_register_bytes() confusion

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