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Re: [PATCH] DWARF support for .debug_loc offsets

Petr Sorfa <> writes:
> This patch provides support for offsets into .debug_loc.
> The patch does not include .debug_loc support in read_tag_string_type()
> as the DW_AT_string_length attribute is currently being misused by GCC
> (it uses it to hold the length, rather than the location to the length)
> and GDB supports the incorrect form.
> There is a second part of this patch which is dependent on FORTRAN95
> support of modules and will be released later.

I'm confused.  If (say) a DW_AT_frame_base attribute's value uses
DW_FORM_data4 or DW_FORM_data8, then that data is the offset in the
.debug_loc section of a location list describing how to find the
object at various points in the code.  But your code seems to assume
that the data in the .debug_loc section is simply the address of the

Having location list support would be great, but if we can get
Daniel's LOC_COMPUTED patch committed, adding location list support
will be very simple.

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