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Re: [PATCH] DW_AT_calling_convention support

Hi Jim,

> Okay, I'll look forward to the patch.
In a few minutes.

> Is checking the calling convention really the approved technique for
> recognizing a Fortran entry point in Dwarf 2?  Is it really the case
> that Fortran programs always only have one function with this calling
> convention?  Would your patch do something sensible if it found more
> than one?
Good question, the Dwarf standard V3 Draft 7 Page 44 says:

"The DW_CC_program value is intended to support Fortran main programs.
It is not intended as
a way of finding the entry address for the program."

So the answer is yes and no. But I think the patch is valid as it
determines not the entry point, but the main program. As far as I am
aware you can have only one PROGRAM entry per FORTRAN program. If there
is more than one found, the patch just uses the last read entry. I don't
think supporting a more intricate way would be much use (such as keeping
a list of DW_CC_program entries.)


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