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Re: Unreviewed patches

Elena Zannoni wrote:
> OK, I see what you are saying, but I don't think that removing the overlaps
> from the gdb<->sim interface necessarily forces you to remove the overlaps
> from inside the simulator.

You have a point here.  The translation is quite arbitrary.

> It just cleans up the sim_fetch_register and sim_store_register code.

It also changes the interface.

> I am not sure I understand your claim about compatibility. You mean
> older gdb's with new sims? That cannot happen. Or you mean the layout

Older gdb's with new sims, or older sims with new gdb's.

Why should it be safe to have different register numbers in the interface
to the same simulator of a slightly different vintage, yet unsafe to
have different meanings for the same register numbers in the sh vs. sh64

>  > > I think the changes below depend on the cgen patches being accepted first.
>  >
>  > They have.
>  >
> I don't see any replies to your message to the cgen/gdb-patches lists.

Still, when you look at ChangeLog and cpu/{sh64-compact.cpu,sh64-media.cpu},
you'll see that Ben Elliston has applied my patch.

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