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Re: [RFC] add 'save-breakpoints' command

> Could you elaborate a little bit on how this change works with
> shlib breakpoints, what the original_type field is for, the 
> bp_tbreakpoint type, etc.?  In what circumstances is the 
> current breakpoint type different from the original breakpoint type?

The original_type field is for cases like 'tbreak' or 'thbreak' where
the bp_type gets set simply to 'breakpoint', but we nonethless want
the proper command to be written to the generated file.  In these
cases we just set the original_type field to the appropriate value,
and use that when writing out the command to the file.  It's also used
for non-used specified breakpoints --- in these cases the value is set
to 'bp_none', to indicate that it should not be written to the file.

> There are several mentions of future breaks; you should probably
> clean those up until you're ready to submit that feature.

Actually, upon further reflection, I should probably combine the two
diffs and submit them as one patch.  Let me look into how well that
works out and post a new diff tomorrow.

> get_breakpoint_count is defined but never used.

Whoops.  That's just a function needed by another of our patches that
somehow managed to sneak in.  I'll remove it for now.

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