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Re: 5.1 PATCH: Allow gdb to link on mips-sgi-irix5.3


Re: [5.1/breakpoint] shlib patch?

[5.1/rfc] Don't print ``(MI_OUT)'' during startup

[5.1/s390] Copyright tweeks

[5.1] true64 tweek

[5.1] Tweek

[5.1] Update README and NEWS

Re: [Fwd: Fix arm_addr_bits_remove: 26-bit Thumb doesn't exist]

Re: [Jim Blandy <>] RFA: Don't pass -glossary flag to texi2html

Re: [PATCH RFA] dbxread.c, partial-stab.h patch

Re: [PATCH RFA] partial-stab.h patch amendment

Re: [PATCH RFC] Split SunOS/SVR4 shared library support

[PATCH+branch]: Minor tweaks for DJGPP README file

[patch/5.1/s390] multi-arch partial and override SKIP_TRAMP.

[patch/5.1] fix prob with CALL_DUMMY_BREAKPOINT

[patch/5.1] Re-generate stuff

[patch/5.1] s390 target/native

[PATCH/arm-linux] Fix thread debugging on ARM/Linux

[PATCH/RFC] Trim "tm-i386v.h"

[patch/sim/ppc] CHRP fixes

[patch] Some and *.h cleanups

[PATCH] Add floating-point type to builtin_type_i387_ext

[PATCH] Allow jump.exp test to run for all targets.

[PATCH] And update Linux/s390 too

[patch] ari tweeks for s390

[patch] Build sim/ppc when linux or netbsd

[PATCH] Cleanup tm-i386v.h

[PATCH] Convert i386 target to use REGISTER_NAME

[PATCH] cris-tdep.c: fix single-step bugs

[PATCH] dbxread.c: Remove use of partial-stab.h

[patch] Explicit #include "value.h"

[patch] Fix -Wformat problems for hpux

[PATCH] Fix a few coding standards violations in infptrace.c

[PATCH] Fix a few formatting mistakes in thread-db.c

[PATCH] Fix attaching to multi-threaded apps on Linux/x86

[PATCH] Fix FreeBSD/Alpha outermost frame detection mechanism

[patch] Fix non-multi-arch default for INTEGER_TO_ADDRESS.

[patch] Fix Werror flag test ; Was: gdb-20011002/gdb/configure

[PATCH] Let gdb know that cygwin is dosish

[Patch] make all-bison not depend on texinfo

[PATCH] Make ARM/Linux build on current glibc

[PATCH] mipsread.o doesn't depend on partial-stab.h

[PATCH] mdebugread.c: remove use of partial-stab.h

[patch] re-indent varobj.c

[PATCH] Remove redundant prototype from sparc-nat.c

[PATCH] Replace MERGEPID in proc-service.c

Re: [patch] s/value_as_pointer/value_as_address/

[patch] s/value_ptr/struct value */ for *jv*.[hc]

[patch] s/value_ptr/struct value */ for *tdep*

[patch] s/value_ptr/struct value */ for breakpoint.[hc]

[patch] s/value_ptr/struct value */ for cp-abi.h and *abi*.c

[patch] s/value_ptr/struct value */ for varobj.c

[patch] s/value_ptr/struct value */ to wrapper.[hc]

[patch] tweek for remote-vx.c

[patch] Tweeks for HP/UX 10.20 gcc -Werror

[patch] Unify stabs/weird messages

[PATCH] update comment in lookup_block_symbol

[PATCH] Use convert_typed_floating in i386-tdep.c

[PATCH] Use extract_typed_floating in i387-tdep.c

[PATCH] Use new threads support for all Linuxen

[patch] value_ptr tweek for ppc-tdep.h

[patch] web page typos

Re: [PATCH] xcoffread.c: remove include of partial-stab.h

[PATCH]: (obvious) testsuite/gdb.base/ending-run.exp

[patch]: Software single-stepping on ARMs

[PATCH]: testsuite/gdb.base/maint.exp

[rfa/patch] string <-> core_addr conversions

Re: [rfa/testsuite/mi] Fix transient failures in mi*-hack-cli.exp

[rfa/testsuite/mi] More timeout fixes

Re: [rfa/testsuite/mi] Recognize a few incorrect outputs

Re: [rfa/testsuite] Make pthreads test more robust

[rfa/testsuite] print expected value in test message

[rfa] Add gdbasm_ prefix to gdb.asm macro's.

Re: [RFA] bug in symtab.c:lookup_block_symbol()'s search method

[RFA] Change auto-solib-add to boolean, add auto-solib-limit

[RFA] deleting breakpoints inside of 'commands' (again)

[RFA] derivation.exp libstdc++ v3 tweaks

[RFA] Escape curly braces (Re: Sunday Project gdb test results, 2001-10-28)

[RFA] Fix a couple of auto-solib-add problems

Re: [RFA] Fix compilation failure in hpux-thread.c under HPUX 11.00

[rfa] gdbserver overhaul

[RFA] Handle expected failure in interrupt.exp for Linux/x86

Re: [RFA] Handle win32 debugger file handles

[RFA] More wrappers in varobj

[rfa] Remove a silly looking symtab sort.

[RFA] Remove redundant initialization of auto_solib_add

[rfa] Symbol hashing (for the last time?)

[rfa] symbol hashing, part 1/n - updates to hash functions

[rfa] symbol hashing, part 2/n - ALL_BLOCK_SYMBOLS

[RFA] Use 1024*1024 for a megabyte, not 1000000.

[RFA] v3 tweak for overload.exp

[RFA] varobj.c: check wrapper return value

[RFA] varobj.c: Use wrapper for value_struct_elt

[RFA] win32-nat.c: Real detaching from processes under Windows XP

[RFA] Wrappers again.


[RFA]: testsuite/gdb.base/call-ar-st.[exp|c]: Change to work better with small targets

Re: [RFA]: testsuite/gdb.base/call-ar-st.[exp|c]: Change to work better with small targets

[RFA]: testsuite/gdb.base/miscexprs.*

[rfc/5.1] Document HP/UX build/config problems

[RFC/A] testsuite/gdb.c++/ref-types.exp "cleanup"

Re: [rfc/rfa:doc] INTEGER_TO_ADDRESS; Was: INTEGER_TO_ADDRESS(), thoughts?

Re: [RFC/RFA] gdb extension for Harvard architectures

Re: [RFC/RFA] use of dwarf2 unwind informations

[rfc] Eliminate HOST_BYTE_ORDER; break a29k

[RFC] eval.c (evaluate_subexp_standard) Deal with c++ reference args

Re: [RFC] eval.c (evaluate_subexp_standard) Deal with c++ referenceargs

[rfc] ....

[RFC] New function to convert floating-point types

[RFC] Restructure doublest.c a bit

Re: [rfc] Swap out current when creating a new architecture

[RFC] Symbol table hashing patch

Re: [rfc] Zap legacy raw register print code

Boost Your Windows Reliability......

Commits to trunk and branch: maintainer's role?

config.sub; Was: gdb & gdbserver for s390 31 & 64 bit

Doc update

Fix arm_addr_bits_remove: 26-bit Thumb doesn't exist

Fix stack backtraces on 26-bit ARM

Re: gdb & gdbserver for s390 31 & 64 bit

gdb 5.1 s390 patch fixes

Re: gdb run < file

gdbserver/{<foo>,<os>,<bar>}.c?; Was: [rfa] gdbserver overhaul

New email address, abdicating maintainerships

PATCH: clean up test suite debug format xfail stuff

PATCH: doc fixes for mn10300 prologue analyzer

PATCH: gdb --args

PATCH: Minor cleanup for Insight command-line

PATCH: operate-and-get-next

Re: Patch: search `directory' path for `break' files

Re: Patching gdb 5.0 for XFree86 module support

RFA: Don't pass -glossary flag to texi2html

RFA: improve error reporting for `overlay auto' operations

RFC: Avoid calling XXX_skip_prologue for assembly code

Re: RFC: Inferior command line arguments

RFC: partial symbol table address range generalization

s390 gdbserver; Was: gdb & gdbserver for s390 31 & 64 bit

Start of `>' and `>>' commands

Support functions for splitting PC and PSR on 26-bit ARMs

Re: Tcl/Tk maintainership in gdb and Insight

testsuite/lib/insight-support.exp patch

Trivial bug in valarith.c

Trivial fix for gdb_5_1-2001-07-29 branch


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