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[5.1] Add list of targets currently being obsoleted

Re: [5.1] Solaris 8 x86 build status?

[5.1] Update to list of buildable targets

[AR-PATCH] wince.c: realloc -> xrealloc, PTR -> void *

[FYI/5.1] Revised TODO list

[fyi] ``Fix PR gdb/NNNN''

[fyi] fix gdb's regcache.h depedencies

[fyi] Obsolete harris 88k target

[maint] Doco known TUI todo items

[maint] Jimmy Guo stepping down

[maint] More for the paper trail

[maint] Philip B's paperwork

[PATCH RFA #2] utils.c: Fix xcalloc (0, 0) behavior

[PATCH RFA] gdb.base/signals.exp: explicitly set count = 0

[PATCH RFA] New testsuite test: step-line.exp

[PATCH RFA] procfs.c related changes for AIX 5

[PATCH RFA] symtab.c: Handle functions with multiple #line directives

[PATCH RFA] utils.c: Fix xcalloc (0, 0) behavior

[PATCH RFA] uw-thread.c to_xfer_memory() patches

[PATCH RFC #2] Update/correct copyright notices

[PATCH RFC] Configury changes for ia64-*-aix*

[PATCH RFC] Make --target=m88k buildable again

[PATCH RFC] solib-svr4 cleanups

Re: [PATCH RFC] Update/correct copyright notices

Re: [PATCH, RFA]: Revamp NaN detection & discussion

Re: [PATCH, RFA]: Skip mi test when UI_OUT but mi support isn't present

[PATCH, RFC]: Change order of setting i386 debug registers

[patch/5.1] Doco z8k problem

[patch/5.1] Mark m88k as broken

[patch/5.1] update list of obsolete targets

[patch/mi] Zap -Wuninitialized warnings

[patch/multi-arch] Add function class ``m'' and ``M''

[patch/sim] Build hacks for PPC on NetBSD

[patch] -Werror and ns32k

[patch] -Wuninitialized fixes

[PATCH] Add back _initialize_i386_tdep prototype

[PATCH] Add entry for ia64-aix-nat.c to fnchange.lst

[PATCH] Add proc-service.o to NATDEPFILES in config/ia64/

[PATCH] Add self to write after approval

Re: [PATCH] Add support for tracking/evaluating dwarf2 location expressions

[PATCH] Add support for tracking/evaluating dwarf2 location expressions

[patch] Allow default XXX_P() when not multi-arch

[PATCH] Clean up DJGPP-related files

[PATCH] Conditionally include nlist.h in solib-legacy.c

[PATCH] config/i386/ Fix NetBSD 1.4 build problem

[PATCH] Document "info symbol"

[patch] Final fixes for -Wuninitialized -Werror

[PATCH] Fix broken Unixware 7 cross-debugger builds

[PATCH] Fix compile errors/warnings in ia64-tdep.c

[patch] Fix enum target_signal arg to *_software_single_step()

[patch] fix on Solaris2

[PATCH] Fix gdbserver for Linux/x86

[PATCH] Fix generation of virtual function table pointer field names

[patch] Fix misc -Wuninitialized -Werror

[PATCH] Fix printing of x87 FPU stack fault flag.

[PATCH] Fix solib support for non-svr4-solib-host x svr4-solib-target

[patch] Fix to post hooks is in.

[PATCH] Fix xasprintf() usage in solib-aix5.c

[patch] free() free zone

[PATCH] GDB docs is now under GFDL

Re: [PATCH] GDB friendly assert

[patch] gnu-nat.c assert() -> gdb_assert()

[PATCH] i386-tdep.c fix for *BSD.

[PATCH] ia64-linux-nat.c: Make HW watchpoint support work again

[PATCH] ia64-tdep.c: Only warn about slot numbers > 2

[PATCH] Ignore whitespace in demangled method names

[patch] Last remaining abort()?

[PATCH] Make completions almost instantaneous

[PATCH] Make DJGPP use the unified watchpoints support

[patch] malloc() -> xmalloc()

[patch] mention harris 88k in the NEWS file

[patch] more xfer_memory() fixes

[PATCH] Move IA-64/AIX GDB_GREGSET_T defines

[PATCH] NaN detection patch

[patch] Note why gdb_assert() is lower case

[PATCH] ppc simulator fix

[patch] relocate realloc()

[PATCH] Revised^5 C++ abstraction patch


[PATCH] solib-aix5.c cleanups

[PATCH] solib-aix5.c: Don't use ANOFFSET as an lvalue

[PATCH] solib-{svr4,aix5}.c: make bfd_lookup_symbol() notice bfd errors

[PATCH] sparc-nat.c should not include itself

[PATCH] specify arguments to debugee from commandline

Re: [PATCH] specify arguments to debugee from commandline (second try)

[PATCH] thread-db.c fix

[patch] TODO - remote protocol additions and cleanups

[patch] Tweeks for random ``broken'' targets

[PATCH] Update/correct copyright notices

[PATCH] Use new Linux threads support for Linux/Alpha

[PATCH] Use xfree() instead of free() in solib-aix5.c

[patch] zap HPPA_COMPILER_BUG and friends

[patch] zap last remaining calloc()

[patch] Zap more #ifdef HAVE_VFORK

[patch] Zap more __STDC__

[patch] Zap obsolete from

[patch] Zap some casts from remote.c

[PATCH]: Add hardware watchpoint/breakpoint support for FreeBSD/i386

[PATCH]: Adjust tm-symmetry.h for previous patch to tm-i386.h

[PATCH]: Change i386-stub.c to use 'T' response packet.

[PATCH]: Clean up dependencies on demangle.h

[PATCH]: Cleanup i386-tdep.c

[PATCH]: Convert another macro into a functions for Linux/x86

[PATCH]: Convert STORE_STRUCT_RETURN to a function for i386.

[PATCH]: Doc fix & formatting fixes for config/i386/nm-i386.h

Re: [PATCH]: Fixes for pseudo regs support


[PATCH]: i387-nat.h doc fix

[PATCH]: Make Linux use the new unified x86 watchpoint support

[PATCH]: misc h8300 target cleanup

[PATCH]: misc header file cleanup.

[PATCH]: Missing changelog entries

[PATCH]: more include cleanup

[PATCH]: Remove unnecessary include files

[PATCH]: Turn FRAME_SAVED_PC into a functions for Linux/x86

Re: [RESUBMIT] [RFA] testsuite/gdb.c++/annota2.change: fix "delete bps" FAIL

Re: [RESUBMIT] [RFA] testsuite/gdb.c++/derivation.exp: use 'runto' library function

[rfa/gdb.mi] Fail (known bug) when ``Hello''

[rfa/pascal!] Gag -Werror shift warning and bug

[rfa/sym*] Look at N_MAIN

[RFA2] Follow-up decode_line_1 crash

Re: [RFA] "maint print psymbols" with large section tables

Re: [rfa] *read.c -Wuninitialized fixes

Re: [rfa] Change line to long

Re: [RFA] Extend demangler to recognize destructors/constructors

[RFA] Extend demangler to recognize destructors/constructors

Re: [RFA] Extend demangler to recognizedestructors/constructors

Re: [RFA] gdb testsuite changes

[RFA] gdb/win32-nat.c: check for NULL before calling strtoul

Re: [rfa] Hack around coffread cast ...

[RFA] info breakpoints: handle 64-bit addresses

[RFA] Insight fix for missing tick marks.

[RFA] Link remote target with svr4 solibs.

Re: [RFA] Make access watchpoints work again

[RFA] Mips fp register display

[RFA] MIPS2 float register display

[RFA] monitor.c fix for rom68k target boards

[RFA] Off-by-one error in linux thread-db.c?

[RFA] parse_frame_specification (stack.c)

Re: [RFA] regcache.c (register_fetched) + related changes

[RFA] Revised C++ ABI abstraction patches

[RFA] Spelling fixes in

Re: [RFA] testsuite/gdb.base/pointers.[c,exp]: don't assume >= 8 byte doubles

[RFA] testsuite/gdb.c++/annota2.change: fix "delete bps" FAIL

[RFA] testsuite/gdb.c++/derivation.exp: use 'runto' library function

[RFA] testsuite/gdb.c++/ref-types.exp: accommodate g++ v3

[RFA] testsuite/gdb.c++/ref-types.exp: use runto

[RFA] top all-m4 depends on all-texinfo

Re: [RFA] Unified watchpoints for x86 platforms

Re: [rfa] valops.c - simplify hand_function_call's push struct logic

[RFA]: Clean up C++ type handling in linespec parsing

[RFA]: Fix TUI to build and run

[RFA]: Remove unused code in event-loop.c

[RFA]: Remove unused header files.

[RFA]: simulator build failures with parallel make

[RFA]: test suite: recognize GDB message for unsupported threads


[rfc/5.1] Obsolete stuff.c and kdb-start.c

[rfc/mi] ui_list_* to ui_*

[rfc/rfa?] Rationalize *malloc() calling *malloc()

[RFC] Change Insight maintainership

[rfc] Convert SOFTWARE_SINGLE_STEP to multi-arch

[rfc] Delete macro MALLOC_INCOMPATIBLE

[rfc] Eliminate some __STDC__

[rfc] Include "regcache.h" in {nm,tm,xm]-*.h files

[rfc] Merge set_register_cache() and supply_register(,NULL)

[rfc] Move to VERSION file

[rfc] Regcache revamp (vip)

[rfc] Replace ARCH_NUM_REGS with NUM_REGS

[RFC]: Info tracepoint, allow for 64 bit addresses

[RFC]: More include file cleanup

[RFC]: Move __CYGWIN__ hack to config/<arch>/xm-cygwin.h

[SCRIPT] fixdates

[SCRIPT] fixdates: script for updating copyright notices

[sim/v850] Link with libintl

another monitor.exp change

Any pending patches?

ChangeLog fixes

committed minor sim/common patch

Re: compiler error in uw-thread.c

Completion in "set history filename"

Crash on info architecture


gdb March 2001 archive

gdbserver for ARM

i386-linux-tdep.c cleanup

inbound sim/common patch: mmap support

lin-lwp.c fix

lin-lwp.c: stop_wait_callback() question

Linux thread debugging patch?

mn10300's definition of EO_REGNUM, corrected

Re: New gdb 31 & 64 bit patches for S/390


patch for aix support

Re: Patch to provide m68k simulator to gdb

Patch to sim/common/run.c to remove alloca-conf.h

Patch: hpux warnings removal

PATCH: Remove self from maintenance domains

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Professional Selling SkillMap(tm)

Re s/390 patch

Reverted changelog fixes

RFA: [buildsym.c] Turn off unused addr bits in linetable

RFA: mn10200-tdep.c.patch

RFA: Obvious fix to remote-rdp.c ?

Re: RFA: Remove unused synchronous code

RFC: Add linespec tests to the TODO file

s390-nat.c update to patches posted 27-02-01

testsuite fix for remote targets

Tracepoints documentation

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