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2008-03-31 [SCM] master: Add type walker to determine expression type w/o expression evaluation. tthomas
2008-03-31 [SCM] master: Missing (C). cagney
2008-03-31 [SCM] master: Don't double-parse fexe <exe>. cagney
2008-03-31 [SCM] master: Get html fstack man page working. cagney
2008-03-31 [SCM] master: Implement man-page includes using fstack as an example. cagney
2008-03-31 [SCM] master: Replace uses of getExe with getExeFile. scox
2008-03-31 [SCM] master: Allow HPD notation for start/run command. rmoseley
2008-03-31 [SCM] master: Revert commit 00345416a6028de2e659b7a01d3b1c54adca694f. Resolve Changelog conflict. pmuldoon
2008-03-31 [SCM] master: Removed debug output from ProcFollowUtil mark
2008-03-28 [SCM] master: 2008-03-28 Phil Muldoon <> pmuldoon
2008-03-27 [SCM] master: swagiaal: removed test file htdocs/sandbox/index.html swagiaal
2008-03-27 [SCM] master: Have fexe display rooted and sysrooted exe path. scox
2008-03-27 [SCM] master: swagiaal: adding test javascript to sandbox page swagiaal
2008-03-27 [SCM] master: swagiaal: created a hidden link sandbox swagiaal
2008-03-26 [SCM] master: Add debug register group and alases. pmuldoon
2008-03-26 [SCM] master: 2008-03-26 Phil Muldoon <> pmuldoon
2008-03-25 [SCM] master: Kill all processes before rerunning any(bz # 5985). rmoseley
2008-03-25 [SCM] master: swagiaal: Reimplemented ProcFollowUtil based on ProcRunUtil. swagiaal
2008-03-24 [SCM] master: Improve list -length support. scox
2008-03-20 [SCM] master: * Fix merge error rmoseley
2008-03-20 [SCM] master: swagiaal: Reimplemented ProcRunUtil with rich client notification. swagiaal
2008-03-20 [SCM] master: Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// rmoseley
2008-03-20 [SCM] master: swagiaal: Renamed ProcRunUtil to ProcFollowUtil. swagiaal
2008-03-20 [SCM] master: Split out ProcTasksAction/ProcTasksObserver from ProcObserver.ProcTasks. cagney
2008-03-20 [SCM] master: Fix start/run commands to not ignore focus command(bz #5578). rmoseley
2008-03-20 [SCM] master: Add standard stack options to ftrace. cagney
2008-03-20 [SCM] master: Pass util's OptionGroup[]s to CommandlineParser constructor. cagney
2008-03-19 [SCM] master: Always allow instruction stepping through SteppingEngine. Fixes bug #5907. mark
2008-03-19 [SCM] master: Implement libunwind fallback for x86_64 plt frames. mark
2008-03-19 [SCM] master: swagiaal: Moved unblocking to ProcTasksObserver. swagiaal
2008-03-19 [SCM] master: swagiaal: fix failing tests, added test for fstep PID. swagiaal
2008-03-19 [SCM] master: swagiaal: Converted fstep to ProcRunUtil. swagiaal
2008-03-19 [SCM] master: Add wiki link. cagney
2008-03-19 [SCM] master: Make TestDebugInfoStackTrace.frameAssertions() more robust. mark
2008-03-19 [SCM] master: Test a crashing hello-world under HPD. cagney
2008-03-19 [SCM] master: Add "kappa" to expected list. cagney
2008-03-18 [SCM] master: Implement decrement, increment; arithmetic minus, plus operations. tthomas
2008-03-18 [SCM] master: Stop Task being created as a Proc; work-around race in Proc.sendRefresh. cagney
2008-03-18 [SCM] master: Get all list tests to pass. scox
2008-03-18 [SCM] master: Remove generated files that got committed by mistake moore
2008-03-18 [SCM] master: Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// pmuldoon
2008-03-18 [SCM] master: Default to --enable-jar-compile. cagney
2008-03-18 [SCM] master: swagiaal:; added files to git. swagiaal
2008-03-18 [SCM] master: Always handle terminated events. cagney
2008-03-17 [SCM] master: Emit a diagnostic when syscall or signal rule wasn't matched pmachata
2008-03-17 [SCM] master: Delete unused Proc.requestRefresh(). cagney
2008-03-17 [SCM] master: swagiaal: added stress test for JG memory smash. swagiaal
2008-03-17 [SCM] master: Split out ProcBlockObserver. cagney
2008-03-17 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/hpd/ChangeLog cagney
2008-03-17 [SCM] master: Eliminate ProcCoreAction. cagney
2008-03-17 [SCM] master: Delete HostObserver; unused. cagney
2008-03-17 [SCM] master: 2008-03-17 Phil Muldoon <> pmuldoon
2008-03-17 [SCM] master: Extract TaskAttachedObserverXXX from TaskObserver, clarifying status. cagney
2008-03-17 [SCM] master: Fixes bz# 5502. Allow "print +expression". tthomas
2008-03-17 [SCM] master: Merge branch 'master' into topic/elfutils moore
2008-03-17 [SCM] vendor/ELFUTILS: import of elfutils 0.133 from Fedora moore
2008-03-17 [SCM] master: Fix TypeFactory dependency. scox
2008-03-15 [SCM] master: Move Proc observer stuff to LinuxPtraceProc. cagney
2008-03-15 [SCM] master: Handle #! in LinuxExeFactory. cagney
2008-03-15 [SCM] master: Delete Proc.creator. cagney
2008-03-15 [SCM] master: Save the task creator in LinuxPtraceTask. cagney
2008-03-15 [SCM] master: Rename TypeEntry to more O-O TypeFactory. cagney
2008-03-15 [SCM] master: Parser for #!. cagney
2008-03-14 [SCM] master: Delete useless Proc.quitLatch. cagney
2008-03-14 [SCM] master: Delete unused Proc.retain(Task). cagney
2008-03-14 [SCM] master: * Add target set to output line. rmoseley
2008-03-14 [SCM] master: Delete unused host-tracking-task code. cagney
2008-03-14 [SCM] master: Separate out/fix DEFAULT test. cagney
2008-03-14 [SCM] master: Mark observableAttached and observableDetached as "don't use". cagney
2008-03-14 [SCM] master: Delete observableProcRemovedXXX; ya! cagney
2008-03-14 [SCM] master: Fix missing terminated events on non-execing thread. cagney
2008-03-14 [SCM] master: Eliminate second last use of observableProcRemovedXXX. cagney
2008-03-14 [SCM] master: Fix ulink in manpages. mark
2008-03-14 [SCM] master: Make method comment a javadoc comment. mark
2008-03-14 [SCM] master: Make sure all messages to user are flushed before first prompt. mark
2008-03-13 [SCM] master: Delete StopEventLoopWhenProcRemoved; almost. cagney
2008-03-13 [SCM] master: Enable tests for resolved bug #3737. mark
2008-03-13 [SCM] master: Switch to StopEventLoopWhenProcTerminated. cagney
2008-03-13 [SCM] master: Move SysRoot handling to scox
2008-03-13 [SCM] master: Switching to StopEventLoopWhenProcTerminated. cagney
2008-03-13 [SCM] master: Eliminate use of StopEventLoopWhenProcRemoved. cagney
2008-03-13 [SCM] master: Switching to StopEventLoopWhenProcTerminated. cagney
2008-03-13 [SCM] master: Add INFO log-level; use warning level instead of System.out.println. cagney
2008-03-13 [SCM] master: Get fstack to use ProcStopUtil. tthomas
2008-03-13 [SCM] master: swagiaal: Fixed type in swagiaal
2008-03-13 [SCM] master: Fix URL and refpurpose typos in manpages. mark
2008-03-13 [SCM] master: Add manpages to htdocs/documentation/index.html. mark
2008-03-13 [SCM] master: Add ability to kill a process using its PID. rmoseley
2008-03-13 [SCM] master: Fix minor logging errors. rmoseley
2008-03-12 [SCM] master: Delete observableTask{Added,Removed}XXX. cagney
2008-03-12 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/ftrace/ChangeLog cagney
2008-03-12 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/testbed/ChangeLog cagney
2008-03-12 [SCM] master: Move stepping test in frysk.proc to frysk.stepping. cagney
2008-03-12 [SCM] master: Implement libunwind fallback for plt frame. Fixes bug #5259 on x86. mark
2008-03-12 [SCM] master: Use testbed code which automatically registers tasks to teardown. cagney
2008-03-12 [SCM] master: Explictly tear down more processes. cagney
2008-03-12 [SCM] master: Update tests to work with Level.DEFAULT. cagney
2008-03-12 [SCM] master: Detect/log bad /proc/PID/task/TID entries. cagney
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: Add DEFAULT and WARNING log levels. cagney
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: Fixes bz 5411. Implement cast operation for char* type. tthomas
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: swagiaal: added testFcatchFollowsPATH swagiaal
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: swagiaal: use to create live proc from dead one swagiaal
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: Rely less on observableProcAddedXXX to find offspring. cagney
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: Delete ProcCounter. cagney
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: swagiaal: fixed fcatch bad memory use. swagiaal
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: Valid tear-down pids. cagney
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: When logging, dump the error's stack. cagney
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: swagiaal: enabled testFcatchFollowsForks swagiaal
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: Delete use of observableProcAddedXXX. cagney
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: Add StopEventLoopWhenProcTerminates. cagney
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: Add,, scox
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: Remove stray System.out. pmuldoon
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: Delete long disabled memory test; resolve 3725. cagney
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: Delete SyscallExaminer. cagney
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: Make Proc.getMainTask() abstract. cagney
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: Force the initialization of EventLogger. cagney
2008-03-11 [SCM] master: Extract frysk.solib.MemoryMapFactory from LinuxCoreInfo; use. cagney
2008-03-10 [SCM] master: Move SOLibMapBuilder to frysk.solib. cagney
2008-03-10 [SCM] master: Move LinkMap reading code to frysk.solib. cagney
2008-03-10 [SCM] master: swagiaal: converted fcatch to use ProcRunUtil. swagiaal
2008-03-10 [SCM] master: Always use syscall based mapping guard when user passed -m pmachata
2008-03-10 [SCM] master: Include the signal name/number in a kill fail error. cagney
2008-03-10 [SCM] master: Add plt stepping test for bug #5259. mark
2008-03-10 [SCM] master: Use tighter expect regexps for TestActionsCommand. mark
2008-03-10 [SCM] master: Mark TestListCommand.testListFrames() unresolved bug #5901. mark
2008-03-07 [SCM] master: Ctrl-C handling for fhpd. tthomas
2008-03-07 [SCM] master: swagiaal: ProcRunningUtil to ProcRunUtil. swagiaal
2008-03-06 [SCM] master: swagiaal: ferror patch by pmuldoon for regex support. swagiaal
2008-03-05 [SCM] master: Use Comparator inside ActionPointCommands. Fixes bug #5809. mark
2008-03-05 [SCM] master: Fix print const_char_pointer. cagney
2008-03-05 [SCM] master: Fix comparison typo. cagney
2008-03-05 [SCM] master: Add absolutePath versus relative guard test. pmuldoon
2008-03-04 [SCM] master: swagiaal: Deleted last reference to observableProc*XXX; used new refresh code. swagiaal
2008-03-04 [SCM] master: Add -exe argument; test fix printing exe and args. cagney
2008-03-04 [SCM] master: 2008-03-04 Phil Muldoon <> pmuldoon
2008-03-04 [SCM] master: Construct and return a File from the absolute path of the executable in LinuxCoreInfo.getExeFile(). pmuldoon
2008-03-04 [SCM] master: Fix 5859. cagney
2008-03-04 [SCM] master: Replace CompilerVersion with BuildCompiler; fix #5858. cagney
2008-03-04 [SCM] master: Move config code to frysk.config. cagney
2008-03-03 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/hpd/ChangeLog cagney
2008-03-02 [SCM] master: Allign all help command option descriptions. mark
2008-03-01 [SCM] master: Fix help typos. mark
2008-03-01 [SCM] master: Pretty print set output. Fixes bug #5731. mark
2008-03-01 [SCM] master: Remove outStream from FlowControlWriter. mark
2008-02-29 [SCM] master: Add TestUnloadCommand, fix regexp errors, add info message, remove unnecessary remove proc call. rmoseley
2008-02-29 [SCM] master: Add sysroot option to CommandlineParser. scox
2008-02-29 [SCM] master: Split local classes in frysk.bindir.ftrace into frysk.ftrace. cagney
2008-02-29 [SCM] master: Move EventLogger to frysk-gui directory (where it is still used). cagney
2008-02-29 [SCM] master: Add special test to TestKillCommand pointing to bz 5615. rmoseley
2008-02-29 [SCM] master: Signals and syscalls are case insensitive, leading "sig" is optional pmachata
2008-02-29 [SCM] master: Support signal tracing in ftrace pmachata
2008-02-29 [SCM] master: Delete some dead Logger files. cagney
2008-02-29 [SCM] master: Split Glob from ftrace. cagney
2008-02-29 [SCM] master: Don't crash when there is a bad outer frame. mark
2008-02-29 [SCM] master: swagiaal: added a new test program. swagiaal
2008-02-29 [SCM] master: swagiaal: added test for fcatch following forks. swagiaal
2008-02-28 [SCM] master: Fix another ViewsetCommand for listing loaded procs. rmoseley
2008-02-28 [SCM] master: Use frysk.rsl. cagney
2008-02-28 [SCM] master: Add --segment=<regex> dumping strategy. Delete --stackonly dumping strategy. pmuldoon
2008-02-28 [SCM] master: Update copyright header. rmoseley
2008-02-28 [SCM] master: Fix TestKillCommand's expression parsing. rmoseley
2008-02-28 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/dwfl/ChangeLog cagney
2008-02-28 [SCM] master: Fixes bz#5802. Additional error handling for fdebugrpm. tthomas
2008-02-28 [SCM] master: More conversion to frysk.rsl. cagney
2008-02-28 [SCM] master: Implement tracepoint instances pmachata
2008-02-28 [SCM] master: gui changes for writer in CLI moore
2008-02-28 [SCM] master: Fix ViewsetCommand error for load/unload command. rmoseley
2008-02-28 [SCM] master: Start consolidating corefile tests/code. pmuldoon
2008-02-27 [SCM] master: swagiaal: Use PrintStackOptions. swagiaal
2008-02-27 [SCM] master: Fold Id into TaskId. cagney
2008-02-27 [SCM] master: Trim Host.get(TaskId). cagney
2008-02-27 [SCM] master: Use Proc.getMainTask. cagney
2008-02-27 [SCM] master: Make Proc.taskPool private. cagney
2008-02-27 [SCM] master: Reduce scope of Task.getTaskId(). cagney
2008-02-27 [SCM] master: Add shell command to hpd. tthomas
2008-02-27 [SCM] master: Maintain a LinuxPtraceProc local set of tasks. cagney
2008-02-27 [SCM] master: Delete Util.getProcFromCoreFile. cagney
2008-02-27 [SCM] master: Delete remaining parseCommandFIXMEs. cagney
2008-02-27 [SCM] master: Delete remaining parseCoreFIXME-s. cagney
2008-02-27 [SCM] master: Delete fstack.parseCoresFIXME. cagney
2008-02-27 [SCM] master: Remove class name from Elf error messages. cagney
2008-02-27 [SCM] master: Start switch to CommandlineParser.parseCommandFIXME. cagney
2008-02-26 [SCM] master: Delete ProcId. cagney
2008-02-26 [SCM] master: Delete Host.add(Proc). cagney
2008-02-26 [SCM] master: Delete Host.getProc(ProcId). cagney
2008-02-26 [SCM] master: Implement dead refresh methods. cagney
2008-02-26 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/bindir/ChangeLog cagney
2008-02-26 [SCM] master: Change commandline option names. Add VDSO check pmuldoon
2008-02-26 [SCM] master: Move CoredumpAction, TestCoredumpAction from fysk.util to frysk.testbed. tthomas
2008-02-26 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/hpd/ChangeLog cagney
2008-02-26 [SCM] master: 2008-02-26 Phil Muldoon <> pmuldoon
2008-02-26 [SCM] master: Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// pmuldoon
2008-02-26 [SCM] master: Permit customized logging. cagney
2008-02-26 [SCM] master: Test "start" command for parameters that begin with "-". rmoseley
2008-02-26 [SCM] master: Fix bz #5793, parameters to run/start not accepting parameters with "-" at beginning. rmoseley
2008-02-25 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/hpd/ChangeLog cagney
2008-02-24 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/stepping: mcvet
2008-02-22 [SCM] master: Removed step and nexti commands. Added -instruction/-i parameter to step and next commands. Fixes bugzilla 5593 npremji
2008-02-21 [SCM] master: Fix ability to unload procs after loading. rmoseley
2008-02-21 [SCM] master: Add executeLive and executeDead to ProcEvent. tthomas
2008-02-21 [SCM] master: Use the LinuxPtraceHosts's task table. cagney
2008-02-21 [SCM] master: Move sendRefresh to DeadProc. cagney
2008-02-21 [SCM] master: Simplify corefile task creation (work with latest bash). cagney
2008-02-20 [SCM] master: Start of LinuxCoreFactory. cagney
2008-02-20 [SCM] master: Refactor fexe to use ProcStopUtil. tthomas
2008-02-20 [SCM] master: Use globs in ftrace pmachata
2008-02-20 [SCM] master: Add watchpoint interfaces. pmuldoon
2008-02-20 [SCM] master: Allow for struct/class accessibility defaults. scox
2008-02-20 [SCM] master: Add more info to ViewsetCommand. rmoseley
2008-02-19 [SCM] master: Delete some frysk.rsl log calls. Too noisy in peek. pmuldoon
2008-02-19 [SCM] master: Added support for DW_interface_type tags npremji
2008-02-19 [SCM] master: Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// cmoller
2008-02-19 [SCM] master: Simplify SOLibMapBuilder, and unbotch build. cagney
2008-02-19 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/bindir/ChangeLog cagney
2008-02-19 [SCM] master: Set -stackonly option in corefiles. pmuldoon
2008-02-18 [SCM] master: part of massive update cmoller
2008-02-18 [SCM] master: part of massive update cmoller
2008-02-18 [SCM] master: didn't seem to take on last push cmoller
2008-02-18 [SCM] master: Massive update from my local working copy into the frysk tree. cmoller
2008-02-15 [SCM] master: swagiaal: Added printing of virtual frames to -c option. swagiaal
2008-02-15 [SCM] master: swagiaal: Added more exceptions to CLI nasty exceptions. swagiaal
2008-02-15 [SCM] master: swagiaal: Removed cast to DynamicMember in CompositeType. Fixed 5426. swagiaal
2008-02-15 [SCM] master: Switch come code to frysk.rsl. cagney
2008-02-15 [SCM] master: 2008-02-15 Phil Muldoon <> pmuldoon
2008-02-14 [SCM] master: Replace CommandLine.parsePids(TaskId[]) with .parsePids(Proc[]). cagney
2008-02-14 [SCM] master: Event-loop on main thread; consistent with other command-line utilities. cagney
2008-02-14 [SCM] master: Pass up simple int in Proc constructor. cagney
2008-02-14 [SCM] master: Rename to Stat.numThreads; Update; Test. cagney
2008-02-14 [SCM] master: Change Status to a scanner class like Stat; update. cagney
2008-02-14 [SCM] master: Replace TaskId with "int tid" in Task constructors. cagney
2008-02-13 [SCM] master: Use ProcessIdentifier in Status. cagney
2008-02-13 [SCM] master: Use ProcessIdentifier in Exe. cagney
2008-02-13 [SCM] master: Remove "int pid" from cagney
2008-02-13 [SCM] master: Delete Signal.kill(int); paper over fallout. cagney
2008-02-13 [SCM] master: frysk.sys.Tid returns a ProcessIdentifier. cagney
2008-02-13 [SCM] master: Refactor Log to Callers. cagney
2008-02-12 [SCM] master: frysk.sys.Pid.* returns a ProcessIdentifier. cagney
2008-02-12 [SCM] master: Use FileDescriptor and frysk.rsl in frysk.testbed. cagney
2008-02-12 [SCM] master: Remove commented code, and renable canonical file due to accidental commit. pmuldoon
2008-02-12 [SCM] master: Add frysk.rsl loggin. pmuldoon
2008-02-12 [SCM] master: Add caller() and callers() methods to rsl Log. mark
2008-02-12 [SCM] master: Switch to frysk.sys.ptrace. cagney
2008-02-12 [SCM] master: Create an "int pid" free and logged frysk.sys.ptrace package. cagney
2008-02-12 [SCM] master: Fix a few small bugs, start/run looper and duplicate method removal. rmoseley
2008-02-11 [SCM] master: Added output to kill command and added unload command. rmoseley
2008-02-11 [SCM] master: Add ability to list loaded procs and remove loaded procs. rmoseley
2008-02-11 [SCM] master: Simplify log output formatting. cagney
2008-02-11 [SCM] master: Rename -trace to -debug. cagney
2008-02-11 [SCM] master: Support -stack in ftrace pmachata
2008-02-11 [SCM] master: Always pass milliseconds on timeout. mark
2008-02-11 [SCM] master: Properly format TimeoutException message and add unit. mark
2008-02-11 [SCM] master: Refactoring syscall & symbol working set construction pmachata
2008-02-11 [SCM] master: Delete stray printlns. cagney
2008-02-09 [SCM] master: Tweak expect output. scox
2008-02-08 [SCM] master: Merge branch 'list' scox
2008-02-08 [SCM] master: Maintain a local ProcessIdentifier indexed table of processes. cagney
2008-02-08 [SCM] master: Fix logging of pty in expunit; accept -trace frysk.expunit. cagney
2008-02-08 [SCM] master: Fix enum ordering; test. cagney
2008-02-08 [SCM] master: Follow class inheritance when creating loggers. cagney
2008-02-08 [SCM] master: Have pass a ProcessIdentifier. cagney
2008-02-08 [SCM] master: Use Task.getTid(). cagney
2008-02-08 [SCM] master: Refactor fauxv to use ProcStopUtil. tthomas
2008-02-08 [SCM] master: Make Host, Proc, and Task comparable; use. cagney
2008-02-08 [SCM] master: Make Host.getName() abstract. cagney
2008-02-08 [SCM] master: Use CanonicalFile pmuldoon
2008-02-07 [SCM] master: Turn off list command "repeat" behavior. scox
2008-02-07 [SCM] master: Maintain a task list indexed by ProcessIdentifier. cagney
2008-02-07 [SCM] master: Fix TestFtrace to use -sys commandline option pmachata
2008-02-07 [SCM] master: Refactor fmaps to use ProcStopUtil. tthomas
2008-02-07 [SCM] master: Delete Host.requestRefreshXXX(). cagney
2008-02-07 [SCM] master: Replace Host.requestProc(ProcId,FindProc) with requestProc(int,FindProc). cagney
2008-02-07 [SCM] master: Push ProcessIdentifier into live ByteBuffers. cagney
2008-02-07 [SCM] master: Simplify frysk.sys.Child and Daemon, return ProcessIdentifier. cagney
2008-02-07 [SCM] master: syscallEvent, stopped, terminated, and disappeared take a ProcessIdentifier. cagney
2008-02-07 [SCM] master: List around the PC whenever the frame changes. scox
2008-02-06 [SCM] master: frysk.sys.Fork.* return a ProcessIdentifier. cagney
2008-02-06 [SCM] master: Refactor fdebuginfo to use ProcStopUtil. tthomas
2008-02-06 [SCM] master: Rename funit-class.cxx to funit-type-class.cxx scox
2008-02-06 [SCM] master: Use frysk.sys.GarbageCollect. cagney
2008-02-06 [SCM] master: Recalculate CRC for test-sysroot. scox
2008-02-06 [SCM] master: Synchronize access around hpd output bufer. Fix 5735. pmuldoon
2008-02-06 [SCM] master: Check debuginfo CRC. scox
2008-02-06 [SCM] master: Move corefile code to frysk.isa.corefiles. cagney
2008-02-05 [SCM] master: Update vendor branch merge to trunk instructions. mark
2008-02-05 [SCM] master: Merge commit 'origin' mark
2008-02-05 [SCM] master: Update importing new vendor branch changes instructions. mark
2008-02-05 [SCM] vendor/LIBUNWIND: Import of libunwind version libunwind-20070205 mark
2008-02-04 [SCM] master: Added 2008 to copyright in header. rmoseley
2008-02-04 [SCM] master: Show error message on ValueUnavailableException. Fixes bug# 5710. tthomas
2008-02-04 [SCM] master: Print out hex address of breakpoint when hit. moore
2008-02-02 [SCM] master: Fix error when 'go' command used before 'start' command and after 'load'/'core'. rmoseley
2008-02-02 [SCM] master: Fix problem with 'go' after 'run' on mult-threaded procs(bz 5674). rmoseley
2008-02-01 [SCM] master: Consider DESTDIR and ARCH32 when installing test-sysroot. scox
2008-01-31 [SCM] master: Add a ProcessIdentifierFactory; use. cagney
2008-01-31 [SCM] master: Use BigDecimal.ROUND_HALF_UP instead of RoundingMode.HALF_UP. tthomas
2008-01-31 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/proc/ChangeLog cagney
2008-01-31 [SCM] master: Fixup x86_64 setcontext libunwind merge. mark
2008-01-30 [SCM] master: Move installation of test-sysroot to pkglibdir. scox
2008-01-29 [SCM] master: Kill each proc only once(bz #5691). rmoseley
2008-01-29 [SCM] master: Stop task before gathering debugging info. tthomas
2008-01-28 [SCM] master: Handle "typedef void" (bug 5669). scox
2008-01-28 [SCM] master: Revert old unused elf and ptrace libunwind changes. mark
2008-01-25 [SCM] master: Make frysk/bindir/Test file names consistent. cagney
2008-01-25 [SCM] master: Update tests. tthomas
2008-01-25 [SCM] master: Fix for NullPointerException at frysk.gui.srcwin.SourceWindow patch by cagney swagiaal
2008-01-25 [SCM] master: Change e.send to e.sendCommandExpectPrompt. rmoseley
2008-01-25 [SCM] master: Have TearDownExpect extend Expect; use. cagney
2008-01-25 [SCM] master: Add frysk.isa.signals.StandardSignals. cagney
2008-01-25 [SCM] master: Fix pattern matches. rmoseley
2008-01-25 [SCM] master: Replace Expect.expect(TIMEOUT, ...) with Expect.timeout(TIMEOUT).expect(...). cagney
2008-01-25 [SCM] master: Fix merge problems. cagney
2008-01-25 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/bindir/ChangeLog cagney
2008-01-25 [SCM] master: Add frysk.testbed.IsaTestbed; use. cagney
2008-01-25 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/util/ChangeLog cagney
2008-01-25 [SCM] master: Delete fryks.sys.Signal.equals(int). cagney
2008-01-25 [SCM] master: Fix signal ordering; remove hard-wired name tests in TestSignalSet. cagney
2008-01-25 [SCM] master: Cleanup cagney
2008-01-24 [SCM] master: Clean up test processes. cagney
2008-01-24 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/hpd/TaskData only print task id if more than one task npremji
2008-01-24 [SCM] master: Add a -sysroot request option. Keep a per process sysroot. scox
2008-01-24 [SCM] master: Use frysk.isa.signals.Signal. cagney
2008-01-24 [SCM] master: Pass frysk.isa.signals.Signal up through updateSignaled. cagney
2008-01-24 [SCM] master: Rename CoreFileAtSignal to CorefileFactory. cagney
2008-01-24 [SCM] master: Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// rmoseley
2008-01-24 [SCM] master: Format floating points as hex constants for '-format x'. tthomas
2008-01-24 [SCM] master: Fix stray SIGUSR1 from re-"run"ing funit-slave. cagney
2008-01-24 [SCM] master: Move Register to frysk.isa.registers. cagney
2008-01-24 [SCM] master: Rewrite Corefile FP note writing for PPC32/64. pmuldoon
2008-01-24 [SCM] master: Move to frysk.isa.banks. cagney
2008-01-24 [SCM] master: Move isa signals code to frysk.isa.signals. cagney
2008-01-23 [SCM] master: Add frysk.proc.Signal. cagney
2008-01-23 [SCM] master: Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// rmoseley
2008-01-23 [SCM] master: Narrow frysk.sys.Signal interface; add Signal.toHostStringFIXME(int). cagney
2008-01-23 [SCM] master: Tests for passing parameters with start/run commands. rmoseley
2008-01-23 [SCM] master: Use BigFloatingPoint for arithmetic operations. tthomas
2008-01-23 [SCM] master: nodebug and noeh frame unwind tests. mark
2008-01-23 [SCM] master: Re-indent cagney
2008-01-22 [SCM] master: Pass Signal, instead of int sig, to Ptrace.cont cagney
2008-01-22 [SCM] master: Push Signal, instead of int sig, into LinuxPtraceTaskState. cagney
2008-01-22 [SCM] master: Pass a Signal through WaitBuilder .terminated and .exitEvent. cagney
2008-01-22 [SCM] master: Makr TestSysRoot as unresolved, bug #5657. cagney
2008-01-22 [SCM] master: Pass up a Signal, and not an int, in frysk.sys.WaitBuilder. cagney
2008-01-22 [SCM] master: Use an array for known signals. cagney
2008-01-21 [SCM] master: Generate frysk.sys.Signal (and the corresponding Signal.cxx). cagney
2008-01-20 [SCM] master: Add and use frame table specific address space in libunwind. mark
2008-01-18 [SCM] master: Re-suspend the process when detaching. cagney
2008-01-18 [SCM] master: Merge signal code into a single function. cagney
2008-01-18 [SCM] master: 2008-01-18 Phil Muldoon <> pmuldoon
2008-01-18 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/proc/live/ChangeLog cagney
2008-01-18 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/proc/live/ChangeLog cagney
2008-01-18 [SCM] master: Keep the contents of the .jar file ordered. cagney
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Add attatch/detach + repeated signal stress test (part 2). cagney
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Revert "Delete old jline in preperation for merge" moore
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Build Exe dead task in the process constructor. pmuldoon
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Don't install gen-type-funit-tests. scox
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Delete BigFloat. tthomas
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Updates for migration to BigFloatingPoint. tthomas
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Reurn null when cannot get ISA. rmoseley
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Handle null return from getIsa. rmoseley
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Catch exception when process is gone. rmoseley
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Fix npe in printing of proc/task states. cagney
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Updated the register banks numbers to match the new ones. cseo
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Added self to htdocs/people/index.html cseo
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: 2008-01-17 Phil Muldoon <> pmuldoon
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Merge commit 'origin' moore
2008-01-17 [SCM] vendor/JLINE-0.9.93: 019482335590d521328b71ebe0d2cbfcf4fb93b3 moore
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Broke PPC register bank into logical banks (GP, FP, Altivec). cseo
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Test for valid proc before proceeding. rmoseley
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Add debug_frame parsing. mark
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Change line marker to -> scox
2008-01-17 [SCM] master: Clearly identify code using the Task.blockers internal variable. cagney
2008-01-16 [SCM] master: Move Task.getRegisterBanks() to sub-classes. cagney
2008-01-16 [SCM] master: Install frysk/pkgdatadir/test-sysroot. scox
2008-01-16 [SCM] master: Really commit frysk.testbed.StatState cagney
2008-01-16 [SCM] master: Simplyfy TestLtrace class structure and remove unresolved bug #5053. mark
2008-01-16 [SCM] master: Use teardownfile and corefile at signal. pmuldoon
2008-01-16 [SCM] master: Move Task.pendingObservations to LinuxPtraceTask. cagney
2008-01-16 [SCM] master: Delete Task.taskStateDetached. cagney
2008-01-15 [SCM] master: Make TestSysRoot runnable by TestRunner. scox
2008-01-15 [SCM] master: Mark as unresolved, bug 5619. cagney
2008-01-15 [SCM] master: Add how-to create a nightly snapshot. cagney
2008-01-15 [SCM] master: Add bz# to test that fails on slow machines. rmoseley
2008-01-15 [SCM] master: Add timeout so test won't fail incorrectly. rmoseley
2008-01-15 [SCM] master: New start/run to accept parameters. rmoseley
2008-01-15 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/dwfl: mcvet
2008-01-14 [SCM] master: Fix sign extension bug with breg operation. tthomas
2008-01-14 [SCM] master: Fix a couple of problems with procs terminating before frysk knows it. rmoseley
2008-01-14 [SCM] master: Fix cache check for live maps. Maps change all the time. pmuldoon
2008-01-14 [SCM] master: Ran formatter on frysk-core/frysk/debuginfo/TypEntry. npremji
2008-01-14 [SCM] master: Add -sysroot option to fhpd. scox
2008-01-12 [SCM] master: Fix error in observer sanity check pmachata
2008-01-11 [SCM] master: Delete unused Task.getEntryPointAddress. cagney
2008-01-11 [SCM] master: Treat ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions as "nasty". cagney
2008-01-11 [SCM] master: Move Task.getRawMemory() to LiveTask; make package-local. cagney
2008-01-11 [SCM] master: Move TaskObservation and TaskObservable to cagney
2008-01-11 [SCM] master: Fix error message text. pmuldoon
2008-01-11 [SCM] master: Add GenerateCoreCommand and tests. pmuldoon
2008-01-11 [SCM] master: reformat in Java style moore
2008-01-10 [SCM] master: Print option help if Commands are 1 or more, not more than 1. pmuldoon
2008-01-10 [SCM] master: Removed references to CVS and added pointers to Git docs moore
2008-01-10 [SCM] master: add info {vector|float|general}-regs subcommands. pmuldoon
2008-01-10 [SCM] master: Flush output buffer. pmuldoon
2008-01-10 [SCM] master: Delete leading space. pmuldoon
2008-01-10 [SCM] master: Tweak order of auxv requests to prevent unblocking. pmuldoon
2008-01-10 [SCM] master: Adjust TestFauxv testcase to expect symbols. pmuldoon
2008-01-09 [SCM] master: Make auxv lookup entry point symbol. Discover auxv platform. pmuldoon
2008-01-09 [SCM] master: Mention start in news. cagney
2008-01-09 [SCM] master: Use only eh_frame data for libunwind get_unwind_table. mark
2008-01-08 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/hpd/ChangeLog cagney
2008-01-08 [SCM] muldoons-stuff: 840c33d7936221a2cec6b7ef847ad97000be244d pmuldoon
2008-01-08 [SCM] pmuldoon/watchpoint1: a7293cffc1743a71c3a5912aaa862f736a3b2bef pmuldoon
2008-01-08 [SCM] master: Make frysk-XXX.jar depend on classpath jars. cagney
2008-01-08 [SCM] master: changes uses of requestFindProc to requestProc moore
2008-01-08 [SCM] master: Push Host.requestProc into sub-classes. cagney
2008-01-08 [SCM] master: Added (C) to frysk-sys/frysk/ and wrapped CompilerVersion.cxx methods with "#ifdef ... #else return -1" for non gnu compiler support. npremji
2008-01-07 [SCM] master: Move breakpoint code from frysk.proc to cagney
2008-01-07 [SCM] master: Rename Task.getIsa() to Task.getIsaFIXME(). cagney
2008-01-07 [SCM] master: Delete Proc.getIsa. cagney
2008-01-07 [SCM] master: Push Task.getPC and .setPC into sub-classes. cagney
2008-01-07 [SCM] master: Move frysk.proc.State to cagney
2008-01-07 [SCM] master: Push get*() methods into Proc's sub-classes. cagney
2008-01-04 [SCM] master: Push the Task notify code into LinuxPtraceTask. cagney
2008-01-04 [SCM] master: Eliminate Host.sendrecSelf(). cagney
2008-01-04 [SCM] master: Merge ProcState into LinuxPtraceProcState. cagney
2008-01-04 [SCM] master: frysk-core/frysk/proc/dead/ChangeLog cagney
2008-01-03 [SCM] master: Make Task's request Add/Delete Instruction Observer methods abstract. cagney
2008-01-03 [SCM] master: Enable TestCoreRegs. Rewrite FP corefile strategy using BankRegisters. pmuldoon
2008-01-03 [SCM] master: Correct some x8664 FXSAVE register sizes. pmuldoon
2008-01-03 [SCM] master: Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// pmuldoon
2008-01-03 [SCM] master: Check for no arguments in breakpoint and load commands moore
2008-01-03 [SCM] master: Implement run to run until first breakpoint. rmoseley
2008-01-03 [SCM] master: Rename Linux Host/Proc/Task to Linux Core/Ptrace Host/Proc/Task. cagney
2008-01-03 [SCM] master: Eliminate Task.set. cagney
2008-01-03 [SCM] master: Ignore bogus requestAdd's. cagney
2008-01-03 [SCM] master: Simplify DummyTask. cagney
2008-01-02 [SCM] master: Don't descend into structure definitions when looking for a function definition moore
2008-01-02 [SCM] master: Make DeadProc stateless. cagney
2008-01-02 [SCM] master: Move Proc state into sub-classes. cagney
2008-01-02 [SCM] master: Updates from rename of frysk.proc.dummy.* to frysk.proc.dummy.Dummy*. cagney
2008-01-02 [SCM] master: Move frysk.proc.Task.handle and state to sub-classes. cagney
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