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[Bug 1001187] New port - HAL: Freescale Kinetis variant, TWR-K60N512, TWR-K40X256 plf; Devs: Freescale UART and ENET (Ethernet)

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--- Comment #43 from Ilija Kocho <> 2011-10-29 19:30:32 BST ---
(In reply to comment #42)
> So, my test MQ for bug 1001187 includes
>     Attachment 1411 [details] (wallclock)
>     Attachment 1412 [details] (ecos.db)
>     Attachment 1415 [details] (variant)
>     Attachment 1416 [details] (k60n512)
>     Attachment 1417 [details] (k40x256)
>     Attachment 1418 [details] (serial)
>     Attachment 1419 [details] (ethernet)

That's it.

> Ilija, check the list, please. I've tested the next builds for new targets
> k40x256: template default 
> k60n512: template default
>          + CYGPKG_NET_LWIP
> All passed smoothly (were built all libraries and tests, builds are clean).
> Hope that I missed nothing. If it is all right I will happy to commit the
> stuff the other day.

Everything seems OK. Thank you.

Please carry on.


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