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[Bug 1001187] New port - HAL: Freescale Kinetis variant, TWR-K60N512, TWR-K40X256 plf; Devs: Freescale UART and ENET (Ethernet)

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--- Comment #40 from Sergei Gavrikov <> 2011-10-27 21:37:36 BST ---
(In reply to comment #39)
> Hi Sergei

Hi Ilija,

> I have updated the Kinetis, patches and the code is now ready for
> review.
> > Infusoria:
> > 
> > Ilija, if you will send some corrections, also, you would get rid
> > the trailing whitespaces (mostly in CDL) and expand a few tabs in
> > ethernet driver, also, I would get rid such shorthands
> > 
> >    }while(need_service);
> I hope all trailing whitespace is taken out and formating set.

Even more than :-) A global search-n-replace (or script) did rid and
white spaces in the eCos copyright headers. A few lines in my ~/.vimrc
regarding 'BadWhitespace' made me too picky :-) But as much as they are
highlighted in *red* I'm picking on them. Perhaps today this arraignment
seem archaic and I'm thinking what I should comment them out (I mean my
settings for $EDITOR).

No need to re-send the patches, I'll raise those banners.

> Regarding famous 78 char length, you will still find some lines that
> exceed it as exceptions where I find it (more) convenient and natural.

Right. It is not always possible, especially for macros.  I will look
over the final version and try to build.  Unfortunately, I could do it
tomorrow or the next day.  Thank you for your time and your attention
to details.


> Ilija

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