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[Bug 1001219] Ethernet driver for STM32 connectivity line with port on MMstm32f107 board.

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--- Comment #12 from Ilija Kocho <> 2011-10-11 22:08:06 BST ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> Created an attachment (id=1395)
 --> ( [details]
> Platform for Propox MMstm32f107 module

First to remind you to my remark in comment #4

At present the user will see F103ZE which is unlikely to be the target device.
Platform may require the "STM variany in use" (CYGHWR_HAL_CORTEXM_STM32) to be
a specific device, or a set of eligible devices. If you opt for second case
just make sure that configtool resolves with the one found on Propox board.

Why JTAG startup? AFAIK Connectivity line desn't feature FSMC (or am I out of
date?). I guess SRAM startup should work (but test it first).

Regarding ROM startup there's one issue: RAM region is required in order to
build RedBoot. True, there's not much use of RedBoot on device with 64KiB RAM
but somebody would like to try. Solution is simple rename SRAM region (nor
section) into RAM.

Last but not least, please spend some time on Copyright banners (all files that
need it). They should for instance show correct year, author/contributor, etc.


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