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Re: [docbook] Amended DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes:20 April 2005

Peter Ring wrote:

It just strikes me as a bit silly that each and every consumer or
producer of XML documents should invent and maintain each their own
PIs/package format/catalog/whatever for basically the same purpose.

I expect that during time some format will prevail and will became de facto standard.

The fact that RELAX NG standard didn't specified some hook for attaching schemas creates some vapor area. OTOH it is more and more common approach to use more than one schema to validate document and in this case specifying schema in xsi:schemaLocation attribute or something similar doesn't seem completely wise.

If the value of the version attribute is supposed to be helpful,
surely we must have some protocol, some common expectations about how
it is to be used? "lillet", "medium vodka dry martini, shaken, not
stirred", "vesper", ""; and "7.00" will all
validate; the version attribute is essentially even more opaque than
a namespace. Is some sort of registry of version attribute values

Not yet, but could be useful. Probably there could be RDDL document sitting on that will point to various DocBook schemas.

DocBook elements are going to be more welcome as guests in other
document type families, now that they've got their own namespace. The
version attribute is ubiquitous (belongs to db.common.attributes),
and could be used to help a 'namespace router'; am I on the right
track here?

Current DocBook 5.0 grammar makes version attribute required on the root element of document. But speaking of compound documents -- this is the area where some research must be done first.

BTW, vodka martinis taste like paint thinner if not ice cold.

Are you MI6 agent that you know this? :-)

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