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RE: [docbook] DocBook and Publishing Software

--- Mauritz Jeanson <> wrote:
> XMetaL is one WYSIWYG XML editor, Serna is
> another. You don't need the
> latter to view the code from the former, and
> you don't have to become a
> programmer to use either of them. But it is
> likely that you need a
> sysadmin/"super user" person who is in charge
> of installation, stylesheets,
> support, configuration, and more (you probably
> need that for any publishing
> solution).

Quick note on Serna. I recently started using the
latest version (2.1). It is indeed easy to use
for the most part. It does not necessarily do PDF
right out the box as they're looking to get
Antenna House sales (as best I can tell).

Serna in combination with a good XML editor like
Oxygen can't be beat but there's alot to learn
there. If you're not afraid to role your own
stuff, the price is pretty good. 

Serna is quite capable as an authoring tool. It
is very Vex-like but has a bit more spit and


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