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[docbook] Re: [Fwd: [xsl] Upgrading Saxon XSLT 1.0 support addressing knownlimitations]

On Mon, 2005-04-18 at 14:20 +0200, Jirka Kosek wrote:

Ken Holman said:
> For many years now the excellent Saxon processor has helped many of us in
> our XSLT 1.0-based solutions:
> The latest XSLT 1.0 version, version 6.5.3, has a number of documented
> limitations:

> I'm pleased to report to the community that Mike would, indeed, consider
> being funded to create a stable 6.5.4 version and thanks to his patience
> with my persistence I have obtained from him a monetary amount that it
> would take to get the outstanding issues addressed.
> This post of mine is a public appeal to share in the funding cost ... the
> more people interested in a stable XSLT 1.0 processor with known problems
> addressed, the cheaper it would be for all of us to get a new version of
> this stalwart piece of software.
> Would people interested in helping to share this funding please contact me
> privately with the above subject line (I won't post the details
> publicly)?  I'll coordinate and document the sharing of the funding and the
> payment to Mike for his time and effort.  To save time, please indicate in
> your first message some amount of monetary support you are comfortable
> with.  Hopefully with enough people what we actually pay out of our pockets
> will be easily affordable.  Being an independent consultant myself, I know
> how many of us independents need to pinch pence and pennies.

> . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken
> --
> World-wide on-site corporate, govt. & user group XML/XSL training.
> G. Ken Holman       

I, like Jirka, am recommending that those of us who have used and 
appreciated Mike Kay's product for some time try and keep his
work up to date.

Mike responded to this post by saying that he not only updates based on
bug reports, but also needs to do full regression testing too. I think
this is perhaps why Ken is supportive of Mike doing the work rather than
an open source effort.

If you can contribute, please do.


Dave Pawson
XSLT + Docbook FAQ

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