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RE: [docbook] Dtd, Xsd or RNG/RNC as your choice of schematechnology for your docset?

On Thu, 2005-04-14 at 21:11 -0700, scott wiseman wrote:
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> From: Rajal Shah [] 
> Sent: Friday, January 21, 2005 9:57 AM
> To: 'George Cristian Bina'
> Cc:
> Subject: RE: [docbook] Dtd, Xsd or RNG/RNC as your choice of schema
> technology for your docset?
> I didn't know about Trang.. So thanks for the pointer.. It clearly
> solves my schema development choice.. (RNG/RNC) - assuming trang is
> robust and thorough.
It is. 

> As regards combining XSD and DTD.. I've spent a lot of time with it..
> It's impossible to use them together if your XSD schema has
> (at least from my experience).. I am guessing that people no longer
> their own general entities ( such as &company; => "XYZ, Inc").. It was
> very convenient feature, I guess that won't be available anymore..

Try other ways of working. Perhaps xinclude.

And no. My (biassed) view. Forget XSD, switch between simple dtd's and
relax-ng using trang, for newer stuff, using namespaces, rely on relax.
 It works, its very solid, and there are validators around.

Its worth buying Eric's book to get your head round relax though,
unless you're very clever.


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