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[docbook] HTML links not being created in my indexes

I have searched through the entire mailing list (I could have made a search engine
faster in less time!), and I see only one other person asking about this--- and there
was no reply. I also checked all the reference docs I could find for related processing
parameters and DocBook elements.

My index works great for fo. My PDF document page numbers show up as targets
for the index entries. However, for chunk and non-chunk HTML, no
target of any kind shows up, where I want to see HTML links.

I could probably get this working by modifying the style sheets, but, since I see
DocBook documents on the web with hyperlinks in the index, I think that maybe
I'm just not doing something right.

I'm in a crunch trying to get the Hsqldb docs finished before publish release of
the new version.

Another problem I have is, email addresses of authors/editors usually do not
produce a mailto: link. I think it worked when I had a single editor for the
entire book, but does not work for editors for the entire book nor for authors
for individual chapters. Anybody know what the criteria are for when mailto:
links are generated for HTML?

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