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[docbook] line break


I'm in the process of migrating my documents from Linuxdoc SGML to
Docbook XML. In Linuxdoc SGML, I used <NEWLINE> at some points. I
understand this does not exist in Docbook XML, so I'll have to use
something else.

Semantically, it is somewhat like a quote. I'm writing a story, and when
I quote someone, I want to have a newline before the quote and quotes
around the cite, just like usually in prose. For example:

They entered the room. <quote>It's dark here,</quote> Joe said.
He was right.

This would be rendered somewhat like:

    They entered the room.
    "It's dark here," Joe said. He was right.

With a <br /> tag in the HTML output.
How do I achieve this? I tried to do:


But this is rendered as a block, not inline, so I end up with empty
lines before and after the line break, which obviously is not what I
want. And it's ugly.

The existing quote tag is rendered inline, without a newline prefixing
it. Neither is phrase what I'm looking for. 

Does this exist in Docbook?


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