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[docbook] Docbook and MacOSX


I began to use DocBook. I use MacOSX and I've installed some programs via fink (unix package manager).
I've writen an docbook file, and convert it successfully in html using
xsltproc /sw/share/xml/xsl/docbook-xsl/html/chunk.xsl doc.xml

But when i try to use the "docbook2html" macro, I've got an error :

Using catalogs: /sw/share/sgml/catalog, /sw/share/sgml/dsssl/docbook-dsssl-nwalsh/catalog, /sw/share/sgml/dsssl/docbook-dsssl-nwalsh/common/catalog, /sw/share/sgml/dsssl/docbook-dsssl-nwalsh/dtds/html/catalog, /sw/share/sgml/dsssl/docbook-dsssl-nwalsh/html/catalog, /sw/share/sgml/dsssl/docbook-dsssl-nwalsh/print/catalog, /sw/share/sgml/dtd/docbook/catalog, /sw/share/sgml/entities/iso8879/catalog, /sw/share/sgml/openjade-1.3.2/contrib/catalog, /sw/share/sgml/openjade-1.3.2/doc/catalog, /sw/share/sgml/openjade-1.3.2/dsssl/catalog, /sw/share/sgml/openjade-1.3.2/unicode/catalog
Using stylesheet: /sw/share/sgml/docbook/utils-0.6.13/docbook-utils.dsl#html
Working on: /Volumes/homes-1/www/print/doc/docbook/doc.xml
openjade:E: cannot open "/sw/share/sgml/xml.dcl" (No such file or directory)
openjade:/sw/share/xml/dtd/docbookx/4.2.0/docbookx.dtd:112:17:E: "X20AC" is not a function name
openjade:/sw/share/xml/dtd/docbookx/4.2.0/ent/iso-amsa.ent:8:19:E: "X21B6" is not a function name
openjade:/sw/share/xml/dtd/docbookx/4.2.0/ent/iso-amsr.ent:21:18:E: "X227C" is not a function name
openjade:I: maximum number of errors (200) reached; change with -E option

What happen ?

Thanks, it may be a stupid mistake, but I don't known where to search.


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