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[docbook] Re: Namespace

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/ "Jeroen Alblas" <jeroena at infosupport dot com> was heard to say:
| Is it possible to add a namespace to my XSLT that identifies docbook elements?


| (Primary purpose is to make the intellisense work, but shouldn't it be more common to use a namespace and prefixes for DocBook elements in XSLT, than not use it?)

Any feature that applies only to elements in an explicit namespace is broken.
(IMHO, naturally.)

| If so, is there a common namespace prefix for DocBook (db: for instance) like fo:
| for XSL-FO?

DocBook elements are not in a namespace. If we were starting from
scratch today, I'm sure we would put them in a namespace, but DocBook
has been around for more than a decade. It long predates namespaces.

Putting DocBook in a namespace today would break every existing tool.
That's a huge backwards compatibility problem. We may someday feel
that there is a compelling reason to do so, but no one has articulated
one yet.

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