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Re: docbook cosmetics

> From: "G.L. Grobe" <>
> I've put the following line in my *.sgm docbook file (tried in several
> places):
> <xsl:param name="html.stylesheet">mybook.css</xsl:param>
> But when I run 'db2html my.sgm' ... I get stuff like:
> jade:../acais.sgm:9:4:E: character ":" not allowed in attribute
> specification list
> jade:../acais.sgm:9:4:E: element "XSL" undefined
> jade:../acais.sgm:9:48:E: character ":" not allowed in end tag
> Any ideas?

Well, I see three problems:

1.  You are trying to use an
XSL instruction in a processing tool that is
using DSSSL.   You want the equivalent
DSSSL instruction, but I don't know DSSSL
well enough to tell you what it is.

2. The XSL stylesheets are meant
to process XML files, not SGML.

3. You can't put stylesheet instructions in
your document, they have to go into a
customization file for the stylesheet.

I would suggest you take some time to read about
customizing the DSSSL stylesheets by reading section 4.3.8
in Norm Walsh's DocBook: The Definitive Guide at  ~

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