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Re: XML to PDF

Yes, you can use Jade and DSSSL. Just include the "xml.dcl" before the name of
sgml file.


Juan R. Migoya

Shawn Willden wrote:

> I have some XML documents that I want to transform into PDF files (among
> other formats).  I have written an XSLT stylesheet that transforms them
> into DocBook, since that seems like a very nice intermediate format that
> I can use to produce a wide variety of outputs.
> I had thought that a process like the following would work:
> XML(my DTD) -> XML (DocBook) -> XML (FO) -> PDF
> Using XT and appropriate XSLT stylesheets for the first two translations
> and the Apache FOP tool for the third.
> However, I'm having a hard time because the XSL tools don't seem to work
> (particularly FOP, plus I get some odd errors when applying Norman
> Walsh's XSLT stylesheets to translate to FO).  So, I looked into using
> the SGML tools instead, using the DSSSL stylesheets.  However, Jade
> doesn't like taking my XML as input (for example, it doesn't like <TOC/>).


> Shawn.

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