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Re: ulinks in footnotes

[Follow-ups to docbook-apps, please]

/ Mark Derricutt <> was heard to say:
| I have my UNLINK urls being placed in footnotes, but not that I've
| started playing with adding indexterms, I'm getting footnotes in my
| index pointing to .htm files.  Is there a way to tell DocBook -not- to
| make footnotes for internal links?

Can you please provide a small document that demonstrates this problem?

| I'm using DSSSL/SGML.
| Also, I've seen it mentioned before but saw no pointer to a "nice"
| solution, but when I create my index file, it also creates all the
| HTML files as well, is that stoppable?

No. I suppose it could be arranged with some tweaks to the docbook.dsl
file, but the stylesheet has to process the whole document in order
to find the index terms. Why do you want to get the index without the

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