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Re: inlinegraphic going away... (Was Re: image with link)

/ Dave Pawson <> was heard to say:
| Just found out.
|   <figure float="0" id="fig601">
| 	    <title >A Block split over a page boundary</title>
| 	    <mediaobject>
| 	      <imageobject>
| 		<imagedata 	fileref="images\fig6-1.png" format="PNG"/>
| 	      </imageobject>
| 	      <textobject>
| 	    <phrase>		<para>Figure showing two areas created
| from a single block.</para></phrase>

Valid? Uh, I don't think so. Phrase cannot contain para!

| I wish I'd known that sooner. Is there any rationale why <phrase>
| wrapper needed to
| produce the alt text?

Because the alt text is an attribute value so the phrase wrapper is
supposed to prevent you from putting things like, uh, paragraphs in
there. :-)

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <>      | There is a great difference | between seeking how to raise a
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | laugh from everything, and seeking
                                   | in everything what may justly be
                                   | laughed at.--Lord Shaftesbury

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