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Re: inlinegraphic going away... (Was Re: image with link)

> From: Dave Pawson <>
> >Uh-huh. I almost said that myself. Of course, you *really* ought to
> >use:
> >
> >   <link linkend="mytarget">
> >   <inlinemediaobject>
> >     <imageobject>
> >       <imagedata fileref="mygraphic.gif" format="GIF"/>
> >     </imageobject>
> >     <textobject>
> >        <phrase>Simple alt text description of mygraphic</phrase>
> >     </textobject>
> >     <textobject>
> >        <para>A longer description of the graphic, something that would
> >be useful for readers using a visually constrained system.</para>
> >        <para>One such example of a visually constrained system is an
> >audio device for in-car reading of online texts.</para>
> >     </textobject>
> >   </inlinemediaobject>
> >   </link>
> >
> >That at least makes it clear what all the extra typing is actually for :-)
> And I think that's supposed to put up the alt text for the image.
> Is it just me, or do the latest XSLT (html) stylesheets not actually do it?
> Is any user action, or css required? It used to be the case that
> the mouseover used to show the alt text / the textobject.

Works for me in XSL 1.44.  Is the text not getting into the 'alt'
attribute in your HTML output?  The stylesheet selects for
alt the first 'textobject/phrase', so perhaps you aren't using a
phrase element?

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