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Re: [ #440667 ] Affiliation lacks CorpName

/ Gregory Leblanc <> was heard to say:
| > Yann Dirson notes that affiliation contains orgname and orgdiv but no
| > corpname. He goes on to point out that orgname is likely intended to
| > be used for the orgname here.
| Your second sentence doesn't pass my English Language parser here, so I
| went and read the RFE.  A few questions:

Uh, yeah, I mean to say something like "He goes on to point out that
orgname is likely intended to be used for the corpname here."

| What was the rationale for adding corpname?

I know longer recall the origin of corpname and the affiliation

| Why wasn't corpdiv added at the same time, so that corp* is analgous to
| org*?

I don't recall. I think we probably ought to deprecate corpname and
promote orgname as a replacement for it.

| I did look at the archived RFE's, but couldn't find answers to these.  I
| think that will help clarify what the intent is here, and how things
| ought to work out.

A lot of the metadata stuff was borrowed from Majour and the whole
metadata framework is currently being examined by the TC.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <>      | It is a folly to expect men to do | all that they may reasonably be
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | expected to do.--Archbishop Whately

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