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inlinegraphic going away... (Was Re: image with link)


> This works with the XSL stylesheets:
> <link linkend="mytarget">
> <inlinegraphic fileref="mygraphic.gif" format="GIF"/>
> </link>

Just a sanity check (on *my* sanity)... the way I read the most recent
version of DocBook:TDG, <inlinegraphic> will go away in 5.0 and be
replaced with <inlinemediaobject>, correct?  See:

So for future compliance, the best way to write that would really be:

  <link linkend="mytarget">
      <imagedata fileref="mygraphic.gif" format="GIF"/>

Which is *far* more verbose (thankfully macros can be created!).

Do I read that correctly?


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