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Re: [ #456174 ] Req: a <YearRange> within <copyright>

/ Yann Dirson <> was heard to say:
| From your description of the feature I infer it just merges
| consecutive years, so that the following can be produced - right ?
| >   Copyright (C) 1956, 1962, 1998-2001

Yes. Either by enabling make.year.ranges and specifying:


or by leaving it disabled and specifying:


Your choice.

| Do you have plans to extent the DSSSL stylesheets in the same way ?
| More generally, what is your policy regarding the dsssl and xsl
| stylesheets ?

That's an interesting question. It's probably pretty clear that my
primary focus these days is on the XSL stylesheets. If I had more
time, I'd be more diligent about keeping the stylesheets in parallel.

All I can say for the moment is that I've recorded the feature in SF
and I will do it myself eventually. But I don't know when. Others are
free to contribute patches, naturally :-), and several members of the
SF team are still quite DSSSL-focused so they may get to it before I

| Anyway it'd be useless to discuss it as long as a DTD is the
| authoritative definition of DocBook.  Maybe when we come to some
| schema...

I don't actually see how that's relevant...

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <>      | Time is a great teacher, but | unfortunately it kills all its
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | pupils.--Berlioz

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