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Re: [ #456174 ] Req: a <YearRange> within <copyright>

> From: Norman Walsh <>
> In
> Yann Dirson suggests that a yearrange element be added to copyright.
> The TC considered this and admitted to a certain amount of fudging in
> practice, using <year>1999-2001</year>. This is less than ideal, but
> what have other people elected to do when faced with this problem?
> Another obvious possibility is to let the stylesheet take care of
> the collation.

Is further structure really necessary here?
Would a yearrange look something like this:


Seems like overkill, IMHO.
I like the simplicity of permitting <year>1999-2001</year>.
Its meaning is quite clear, in all languages.
I'm sure there are XML applications that may be expecting a
4-digit year, but perhaps the burden should be on those
applications to parse a range into individual years.

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