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Re: Forcing seperate documents

At 11:20 17/09/2001 +0200, Ken Walton wrote:
>Hi All
>I am using ver4.1 of DocBookx.dtd with the xsl stylesheets and Xalan.
>In my book I am declaring a number of documents as entities. Can you tell me
>how I can force these into seperate documents rather than have them all
>included in one htm file. Is it also possible to not have a ToC in each

yes, yes.

1. Assuming you want html output rather than fo's.
Call up chunk.xsl rather than docbook.xsl

2. Set the overall toc param (either in param.xsl or in your driver file) to 1
     then set each of the various wrappers to 1 or 0 as needed.

I know since I've just been there.

I'm (almost) totally gobsmacked at the professionalism/flexibility of these
stylesheets. The more I use them the more I'm impressed.
There is even the infinitesimally remote chance I may start to stretch them
in the next decade or so.

I haven't been so pleased with any software since I came across Autocad.
One of those tools that can do it, just that you haven't found out how... yet!

Once more, thanks Norm (and team).

Regards DaveP

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