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Re: A couple of questions... DocBook's basics anddocumentation


Check out for tutorials on starting out with XML.

Once you have a handle on that, there's a tutorial called "Writing Documentation Using DocBook" by David Rugge, Mark Galassi & Eric Bischoff on the 'net somewhere - a search on Google should track it down if it's not at

As an XML/DocBook application programmer myself, I found the free download of "Docbook: The Definitive Guide" published by O'Reilly ( very useful -

Hope that helps.

On a personal note, what platform will you be developing for (Win/Linux)? What development tools will you be using?


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The DeerBear <>

16/09/01 16:39

        To:        Mailing List DocBook <>
        Subject:        DOCBOOK: A couple of questions... DocBook's basics and documentation

Hello everybody,

With the occasion of this first message I introduce myself.
My name is Andrew and I am a programmer.
I've been asked to write a docbook visual editor( that may become
open-source ) but I never dealt with XML before so... would you please point
me to a *good* basic documentation that will allow me to get acquainted with
these things quickly?
Hoping in your ( possibly in english please ) answers, I greet you people

Best Regards,


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