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RE: missing two files

yeah, i found those on my other rh system under the same dir, but since i'm
on a completely stripped system now and installing everything piece by piece

i did find dsssl.dtd under openjade, but still looking for I
would copy the one from my other system to here if i could get to it right
now, but also not sure of any diff's in the files since the systems are so
far apart from each other.

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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: missing two files 

>Where can I find the files:
>	dsssl.dtd
>I've installed openjade-1.3, opensp-1.4, docbook-dsssl-1.72, docbook4.1and
>the ISOents and I can't find these files.

On my RedHat system, these are in /usr/lib/sgml.  They were installed by the
jade package, rather than OpenJade, so perhaps openjade isn't providing

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