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%callout-graphics-number% in print stylesheet


<section> missing from olink summaries

<xref> to <glossary>

<xref>ing to graphics and pictures.

Adding to footers in HTML output

Allow StartsWith/ContinuationOf on OrderedList?

ANNOUNCE: Experimental Stylesheets

Answer: How to add manually DocBook v4.0beta2 over v3.1

Beginpage misuse

Re: Bibliography in article

Block element for user input

catalog question

Re: Changing output of <returnvalue> to <tt>

character entities for keycap symbols?

ClassSynopsis revisited again

Re: FW: bug?

Debugging a jade/openjade error message

Defining constant headers and footers.

DocBook 4.0 Update Reference

docbook <--> texinfo

DocBook Reference

DocBook Stylesheet ?

DocBook Tools (for SuSE and others) (fwd)

DocBook v4.0beta2

DocBook web site at OASIS

Re: docbook->compiled winhelp

Re: Docbook-help


Re: DocBookX and XSLT processor

DSSSL spec' on line? (Was: Glossary database

DSSSL stylesheets with the XML-DTDs

DSSSL: %paper-type%

Re: DVI/PS version of ?

Re: Fw: E-mail in Author tag

entitiy sharing

entity reference into entity definition


Errors in translations of DocBook dbl1xx.ent files

external entities cannot be valid?

FAQ, archives, figures and tables

Frame -> DocBook XSLT

Re: Glossary database

Help with index.

Help with index. (fwd)

HELP...Another newbie question......

How can I debug Jade/JadeTex?

HTML output with Jade - Problem

Re: inserting literal text files

Re: Invalid references to <section> and <programlisting> in an article doctype.

jade vs db2html

jade/jadetex problem

List traffic

low/high resolution images

Meeting location and agenda 01/02 Mar 2000

RE: More on that ^@^@ bug (Was: bug?)

need help with this ,

Re: New name for Element name?

Newbie dealing with RPMs

novice questions

Numbering in LOT

Page orientation: Portrait X Landscape

Paragraph indenting problem.

Patch for DocBook DSSSL HTML Stylesheet

Patch to support a variety of paper sizes (print output)

Pattern element for Docbook/Pattern DTD

PDF graphics

Pictures and their title.

Re: prevent splitting of block elements?

Printing "Module" instead of "Chapter".

Re: Problem with horizontal span

Q: DocBook/XML with DSSSL stylesheets: how to customize ?

sect1 in preface

SGML2DocBook coverters reqd

Simple question on JadeTeX output format

SOT: DocBook book

structured funcsynopsis formatting

Table problems - JadeTex - overfull messages by little

Tex: spanish

Updating from db148 to db152 == errors

What are the semantics of list number continuation?

Writing Foils

XML DocBook once again...

XML or SGML? (Was: Glossary database

xref text

A XSL processor with better error handling than XT?

XSL Stylesheets V1.8 released

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