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Help with index.

I have some entries pointing to indexes at my document. All of them
(31) are succesfully processed but when I generate the PS or DVI
output I get only a few of them shown correctly. The other have
question marks where the page number should be. 
I'm sending one of the PS index page so that you can see it by
yourselves (it's in portuguese, but it wouldn't change if I made the
output in english). 

I'm using these commands (in a Makefile) to make the output:

	perl /home/ldp/SGML/style/dsssl/docbook/bin/ -N -o indice.sgml
	jade -t sgml -V html-index -d /home/ldp/SGML/style/dsssl/docbook/html/docbook.dsl usando-docbook.sgml
	perl /home/ldp/SGML/style/dsssl/docbook/bin/ -g -o indice.sgml HTML.index
	jade -t tex -V tex-backend -d /home/ldp/SGML/style/dsssl/docbook/print/docbook.dsl -d /home/ldp/SGML/conectiva/livros-print.dsl usando-docbook.sgml
	jadetex usando-docbook.tex
	jadetex usando-docbook.tex
	jadetex usando-docbook.tex
	jadetex usando-docbook.tex
	dvips -O 1.5cm,3cm -f usando-docbook.dvi -o

The indexes are marked using the "zone" attribute in the indexterm
entry. I think it might be one of the problem's cause, but I don't
know why some entries are proccessed ok and others not.

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