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Re: Fw: E-mail in Author tag

/ Jorge Godoy <> was heard to say:
| On Wed, Jan 26, 2000 at 04:35:46PM +0100, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
| > On Tuesday 25 January 2000, at 20 h 18, the keyboard of Eliot Landrum 
| > <> wrote:
| > 
| > > > What would the best way be for me to put the author's e-mail address in
| > > the
| > > > <author> tag? 
| > 
| > I use :
| > 
| >    <author>
| >       <firstname>St&eacute;phane</firstname>
| >       <surname>Bortzmeyer</surname>
| >       <affiliation>
| >         <orgname>The Debian Project</orgname>
| >         <address><email></email></address>
| >       </affiliation>   
| >     </author>
| But, isn't this e-mail address the organization's address? There
| should be the possibility to use the e-mail element right in the
| author scope, not in the affiliation's scope. 

Well, I'm not sure I agree (though I feel your pain :-). The direct
children of author are all parts of the author's name and an email
address isn't really part of a name.

  And if it is part of your name, that's because you've legally
  changed your name and made it your, um, probably surname.

    Hmm, is that <author><surname>Madonna</surname></author>,
    <author><firstname>Madonna</firstname></author>, or
    <author><othername>Madonna</othername></author>? Or has she
    not yet written her autobiography? :-)

  OK, someone must have done this, can anyone cite a case? Or do
  governments not consider "@" a letter in any language and
  hence would refuse my attempt to legally become ""?

I suppose one compromise would be:

       <affiliation role="self">
       <affiliation role="employer">
         <orgname>Arbortext, Inc.</orgname>

But it would be nice if this was easier?

Anyone got a suggestion?


Norman Walsh <>      | Man's sensitivity to little things | and insensitivity to the greatest
Member, DocBook Editorial Board    | are the signs of a strange
                                   | disorder.--Pascal

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