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[docbook-apps] Re: 'pgwide' attribute in 'figure' element as a child of 'glossdef'

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/ Bob Stayton <bobs at sco dot com> was heard to say:
|> I've glanced over formal.xsl, and 'pgwide="1"' should induce a
|> 'span="all"' attribute on the fo:block in question.  This isn't

Actually there's an FO specbug here. Technically, span is only allowed
on the top-most fo:block (or other fo:element) so by the time you've
nested down to where you need it, it doesn't work.

|> happening when the 'figure' is a child of 'glossdef' -- in fact, I
|> can't find a single 'span' attribute anywhere in the resulting FO
|> file.
|> Am I missing something here, or is this a bug?

Well, as Bob pointed out, span wouldn't really help here even if it
did work.

| Since the figure is part of the glossdef block, I don't
| think you can get it to center on the page without
| further intervention.

Would setting the left and right margins to zero if pgwide=1 is
specified do The Right Thing?

Should the stylesheets do that?

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