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Re: DLL and external symbols

Larry Hall wrote:
At 04:35 PM 12/30/2003, Jani Tiainen you wrote:


I'm sure that this has been answered several times, but I'll ask again because couldn't find any solution by myself.

I would like to build DLL (or any other sort of library) that refers to external symbols in main application.

So far I have been able to build non-working constructs. =)


Now how I can get this working, or is it possible at all?

It's possible but you have to move "funcInMain()" into the DLL with "funcInMyLib()" or into another DLL. That's the straight-forward answer.

Yes, that one I knew already. Problem isn't actually function, in my real case it's more like having some globals that libraries should be able to read.

So let's extend this main.c a little bit:

#include <stdio.h>

/* Global that is set here and printed from DLL */
int anotherValue = 0;

/* Function in DLL */
extern void funcInMyLib(int);

void funcInMain(int i)
    printf("funcInMain(%ld) (anotherValue=%d)\n", i, anotherValue);

int main(int argc, char **argv)
    antoherValue = 123;
    return 0;


Now, that's what I really want to do, or at least something equivalent, more portable solution. (I'm really trying to port bigger application that has plugin modules built like this.)

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